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Top 10 KeePass Alternatives for 2024

May 15, 202410 min read

Password Management

In the past, juggling complex passwords for every account was a security nightmare. But those days are over! Password managers have arrived to save the day, securely storing your login credentials and letting you log in with just a single click.

KeePass may have caught your eye as an open-source, free, and customizable password vault. But maybe that eye is now glazing over as you see its Windows-XP-looking interface and obtuse setup.

While KeePass offers some great features, there are other powerful options out there with a super-sleek interface and features that make managing passwords a breeze.

Now, let's unveil 10 powerful KeePass alternatives packed with features, flexibility, and ease of use. We'll explore their key functionalities, pricing structures, and more, to help you find the perfect password management solution for your needs. 

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Why You Might Need a KeePass Alternative

KeePass is an open-source tool, which means it's completely free to use, whether for personal or business purposes. However, KeePass does lack some features that other password managers include.

For example, KeePass features an outdated user interface that can be difficult to use for those new to the tool. Other password managers offer a simple and intuitive interface, perfect for beginners.

KeePass also requires you to use plugins for functionality that other tools may include. For example, you'll need a plugin for generating password strength reports (StrengthReport) and integrating the manager with your web browser (Kee).

Beyond these drawbacks, KeePass doesn't provide any live user support. Instead, you'll need to search the platform's online Help Center for solutions.

Features to Look for in a KeePass Alternative

KeePass holds a niche market of users who want high customizability and a low price at the cost of convenience and usability. 

When searching for KeePass alternatives, there are several key features that should be non-negotiable for a password manager, including:

  • Simple user interface and easy setup
  • Strong password generator
  • Multi-device capabilities
  • Auto-fill capabilities
  • Password-sharing capabilities
  • Enhanced security features such as built-in audit tools and two-step verification
  • Stellar customer support

#1. TeamPassword

TeamPassword homepage new.webp

TeamPassword is similar to KeePass in that it offers robust security capabilities to protect your critical passwords. However, TeamPassword is unique in that it's made specifically for teams that must share passwords across locations or departments.

TeamPassword is also simple by design. For example, it features an intuitive interface that makes initial setup and use a breeze. Plus, it includes only the password management features you need and nothing you don't. After all, the simpler the tool is, the more likely your team will use it.

TeamPassword Features

  • Multi-device accessibility: TeamPassword users can access their tools and passwords from any device.
  • Sharing capabilities: TeamPassword's sharing capabilities enable you to share and revoke access to passwords across teams easily.
  • Strong password generation: You can easily create strong passwords using TeamPassword's built-in password generator.
  • Auto-fill capabilities: Teams can automatically fill login forms inside web browsers and apps.
  • Enhanced security features: TeamPassword includes enhanced security features such as robust admin controls, encryption, and enforceable two-step verification.

TeamPassword offers its yearly plans for just $3.00 per user/month for the standard plan, and $6.00 per user/month if you need more advanced features. for the first six months.

#2. LastPass

LastPass Homepage.webp

LastPass is a well-known password manager that's often selected as an alternative to KeePass. This is due to its features such as single sign-on and easy password sharing. However, recent data breaches at LastPass have resulted in many teams looking elsewhere.

LastPass Features

  • Passwordless login capabilities: LastPass offers passwordless login, where users can decrypt their vault without entering their master password.
  • Password sharing capabilities: You can organize password sharing by groups and easily revoke access when required.
  • Security features such as multi-factor authentication: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires users to authenticate their credentials using multiple factors. Other security features include encryption and compliance with various security certifications.

LastPass offers an annual plan for teams for $4.00 per user/month. However, this plan is only for 50 users or less and limits the available features. If you require more, you can expect to pay $7.00 per user/month annually.

#3. Bitwarden

Bitwarden homepage.webp

Bitwarden is an excellent alternative to KeePass as it features a simple UI and plenty of built-in features for teams of all sizes. One feature that sets it apart is the tool's open-source security code. This means the code is available for viewing and updating by any security professional, making Bitwarden highly secure.

Bitwarden Features

  • Robust end-to-end encryption: Bitwarden features end-to-end encryption, ensuring none of your passwords are accessible by those without permission.
  • Password sharing capabilities: Users can share passwords with other specific users and teams quickly and easily.
  • Cross-device functionality: Users can access the data saved in their vault across devices, including on mobile and in their web browsers.

Bitwarden offers two annual plans, one for smaller teams for $4.00 per user/month and another for enterprises for $6.00 per user/month. Teams also receive a free trial to give Bitwarden a spin before investing.

#4. Dashlane

Dashlane Homepage.webp

Dashlane is well-known in the password management space. The tool features incredible security features like end-to-end encryption and other features that KeePass doesn't include, such as active threat monitoring.

Dashlane Features

  • Threat monitoring: Dashlane's active threat monitoring provides you with warnings about potential hacks. Plus, it enables you to update breached passwords quickly.
  • Autofill and SSO capabilities: Dashlane is easy to use across apps with its autofill and SSO capabilities. Users can sign into any tool seamlessly, saving time and effort.
  • Enhanced visibility: You can receive notifications regarding breached passwords for your entire team, even if certain members don't use Dashlane.

Dashlane's annnual premium plan costs $5.00 per user/month when billed annually. The Business plan will cost you $8.00 per user/month but includes features such as single sign-on and on-demand phone support.

#5. Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault Homepage.webp

Zoho Vault is a KeePass alternative that's perfect for both individuals and businesses. Zoho Vault offers similar features to the other options on this list, including password sharing and robust security. However, it also offers additional features, such as emergency access, that teams might find useful.

Zoho Vault Features

  • Role-based access: Teams can easily enable or revoke password access based on defined user roles.
  • Audit capabilities: Real-time audit capabilities enable teams to visualize sensitive actions in the moment and take action to mitigate security risks.
  • Emergency access feature: You can select users who will receive access to all passwords in the event of an emergency.

Zoho Vault's annual Professional plan costs $4.50 per user/month. For larger teams, the Enterprise plan might be a better choice and comes in at $7.20 per user/month. Both plans require a minimum of five users.

#6. 1Password

1Password Homepage.webp

1Password offers many features that KeePass doesn't have without a plugin. For example, 1Password offers additional security features such as single sign-on (SSO). Plus, its simple interface allows users to see where they stand when it comes to security at a glance.

1Password Features

  • Single sign-on capabilities: SSO enables users to log in to all of their apps and services with one set of credentials.
  • Advanced Protection features: 1Password's Advanced Protection enables businesses to customize features such as security policies. It also enables users to pull unique reports.
  • Robust security: 1Password's security features include end-to-end encryption and biometric access capabilities.

1Password offers an annual business plan for $19.95 per month for up to 10 team members. Or, you can choose the Business plan, which costs $7.99 per user/month with annual billing.

#7. Keeper


Keeper is popular for its simplicity and affordable business pricing plans. While it offers similar features to KeePass, it also offers additional features such as an admin console for simplified password management and security monitoring.

Keeper Features

  • Auto-fill capabilities: KeeperFill is a simple auto-fill tool that automatically fills login forms on websites and inside apps.
  • 24/7 support: Keeper offers 24/7 support, perfect for teams just getting started with password management.
  • Simple admin console: Inside the simple admin console, users can remove users, create teams, view activity reports, and much more in one place.

Keeper offers its annual Business Starter plan for $2.00 per user/month. The Business plan will cost you $3.75 per user/month if you require more than five users. For enterprises, custom pricing is available.

#8. NordPass

Nordpass Homepage.webp

NordPass is a solid alternative to KeePass for its simple interface and additional features such as automatic breach monitoring. Plus, NordPass offers best-in-class security features such as built-in password health reports.

NordPass Features

  • Auto-fill capabilities: NordPass automatically fills login forms with your credentials across accounts and devices.
  • Sharing capabilities: Users can easily share unlimited passwords and data, such as payment information, between teams.
  • Breach monitoring: The Data Breach Scanner alerts you if your passwords, payment information, and even emails have been compromised.

NordPass offers its annual business plan for $3.99 per user/month with a free trial, while enterprise starts at $5.99. If you're an enterprise, NordPass offers custom terms to fit your needs.

#9. Norton Password Manager


The Norton Password Manager is not only simple to use but also includes the robust digital security features Norton is renowned for. For example, the password manager encrypts password data before it leaves your devices.

Norton Password Manager Features

  • Safety Dashboard feature: The Safety Dashboard shares information such as password weaknesses so you can take action to protect your accounts.
  • Password generator tool: The built-in password generator creates complex passwords quickly.
  • Biometrics capabilities: On an Android device, you can use biometrics to log into your accounts. You can also use Touch ID or Face ID on Apple devices.

The Norton Password Manager is currently free to use. However, you only receive the basics with this tool. If you're managing passwords for a large team or enterprise, we recommend considering another tool.

#10. Password Boss


Password Boss provides some of the same great features as KeePass, such as heightened security. However, Password Boss is built specifically for managed service providers (MSPs). These companies can easily manage their own passwords and the passwords of their clients from one portal.

Password Boss Features

  • Bank-grade security: Password Boss features bank-grade security, including two-factor authentication and encryption.
  • Cross-device access: With mobile sync, users can access internal and client passwords on any device.
  • Dark Web scanning feature: As an added layer of protection, this tool scans passwords to determine whether they've been found on the dark web.

Currently, Password Boss doesn't disclose its pricing on its website. For a price quote for your business, you'll need to reach out to the sales team.

Protect Your Passwords With TeamPassword

There are many KeePass alternatives to choose from. However, if you're looking for a password management tool built specifically for teams, TeamPassword is the best choice.


  • Easy on the wallet
    • Everyone should have a secure password vault. No one should pay for complexity they can’t use.
  • Get fast help from a specialist
    • Sub 5-minute response times from real people during US business hours. 
  • Collaboration-first design
    • Your team can access the passwords when and where they need them
  • Peace of mind, not your mind in pieces!
    • Activity logs, role-based access, group management. Let TeamPassword make security easy for your business. 

Try TeamPassword FREE for 14 days!

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