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What to do if you forgot your Facebook password?

Password Management

September 21, 202110 min read

What to do if you forgot your Facebook password?

Learn what to do if you forgot your Facebook password and how to use TeamPassword to make sure you never forget a password again.

What Is Biometric Identification?


January 25, 202316 min read

Biometric Identification: What Is It? (A 2023 Review)

What exactly is biometric Identification? what is the technology behind it and how is it used to protect ...


January 19, 20236 min read

5 Cybersecurity Mistakes Every Boss Should Be Aware Of In 2023

If you manage employees, it’s crucial that you understand the risks they face and how you can protect ...

Wall of keys


January 11, 20234 min read

Why Password Managers are a Need and not a Want

Passwords are the gateways to our internet accounts, and are the first line of defense for your company’s ...

Are Chrome Passwords Safe?


January 8, 20236 min read

Is Google Chrome Password Manager Safe? (Updated for 2023)

Are Chrome passwords really safe? Learn about the Chrome password security issues you need to know to protect ...

Security button


January 4, 20236 min read

Your Passwords Aren’t Safe Unless You’re Taking These 5 Steps

Passwords are the gateway to your online accounts, but many people treat them as an afterthought. With access ...

Stop sign


December 22, 20225 min read

Seven Signs You Need a Password Manager

Are your employees helping to keep company data protected and secure? Unfortunately, data breach fatigue has become so ...

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