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The Importance of Cybersecurity in Digital Marketing

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Poor password security contributes to 81% of all data breaches. And since digital marketing experts work with a multitude of different accounts, proper password protocol isn't just important - it's essential. Many data breaches could easily be avoided if individuals followed a few of these common-sense cybersecurity rules.

5 Password Hygiene Tips to Stop Cybercriminals

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Despite much awareness, employees are still using easy-to-remember passwords, and to make matters worse, they’re also reusing them across their personal and corporate accounts. Therefore, practicing good password hygiene is key in the fight against cybercriminals.

7 Ways to Acknowledge Remote Employees

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There has been a dramatic increase in remote work in the past few years. While remote work has some exciting benefits, it can make the employees feel isolated. Acknowledging remote workers helps them feel like part of the team. This can seem daunting at first, but it's pretty simple. This article discusses seven ways to recognize remote employees for their work.

5 Myths and Misconceptions About Password Managers

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Everyone, from your colleague two cubicles down to the unsolicited emailer, has opinions about cybersecurity, and many are just trying to sell you something. There’s a lot of information flying around about password managers, but not all of it is true. Today we are going to dispel five common myths and misconceptions!

Remote Work Isn’t Just a Trend - It’s the Future

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The employment landscape has changed dramatically in just a few years. Employees are demanding remote work options, and governments are beginning to enact remote work legislation. It’s now on businesses to respond. There are risks to consider, but companies can reap the rewards by allowing remote work if they plan correctly. And they’d better do it because remote work isn’t just a trend - it’s the future.