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Why All Businesses Should use a Password Manager

Operating a business in today’s market means managing dozens of online accounts and over 100s of passwords. Poor password management costs your business time, money, and countless headaches. Every business should have a password vault that makes it easy to collaborate and share online accounts.

5 Habits that Put Your Accounts at Risk

Bad habits can cost you serious time and money when managing your passwords. We all know the hassle of forgetting a password and having to reset it, but that's nothing compared to what you'll go through if your accounts are compromised because you managed your passwords poorly.

The Importance of Cybersecurity in Digital Marketing

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Poor password security contributes to 81% of all data breaches. And since digital marketing experts work with a multitude of different accounts, proper password protocol isn't just important - it's essential. Many data breaches could easily be avoided if individuals followed a few of these common-sense cybersecurity rules.

5 Password Hygiene Tips to Stop Cybercriminals

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Despite much awareness, employees are still using easy-to-remember passwords, and to make matters worse, they’re also reusing them across their personal and corporate accounts. Therefore, practicing good password hygiene is key in the fight against cybercriminals.