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The Password Manager for Teams

TeamPassword is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to store and share team logins and passwords.

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The Importance of a Strong Password

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Increase productivity

Your employees are more productive when they have access to the accounts they need. When employees have to ask each other the password for this service or that service, your company loses valuable productivity. Don't let the people whose time and expertise you're paying for waste it on password management. With TeamPassword, your employees will have passwords at their fingertips and won't have to ask anybody.

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Avoid duplicate accounts

TeamPassword lets your employees see which services your company has already signed up for so that Jenna from HR doesn't accidentally create a Hootsuite account when Joe from Marketing has already made one. Having multiple accounts for the same service can be a nightmare. It can be difficult to shut down the twin accounts, and you could even end up paying a duplicate subscription fee. Duplicate accounts lead to disorganization, confusion, and lost productivity.

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Speed up onboarding

No one wants to spend their first day figuring out how to log onto the accounts they need to do their job. A good shared password manager makes it easy to ramp up new employees. Just add the new employee to your TeamPassword account, then grant them access to the appropriate groups. Our team password manager lets new employees see what accounts you already have. If they're unfamiliar with a service that might help them do their job, they can quickly ask you about it and get rolling.