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Dashlane Alternatives

Dashlane Alternatives

May 4, 20215 min read

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Although there are many different password managers to choose from, review sites and various articles often recommend Dashlane as one of the best. And while Dashlane is indeed a very good password manager, it is primarily designed for personal use or a small family. For businesses working with teams of varying sizes on projects that often require collaboration, as well as the inclusion of additional partners such as freelancers, you’ll want to seek out Dashlane alternatives. 

That’s because Dashlane just doesn’t have the features or the capabilities you require in a business setting. It does offer plenty of security, of course. And there is also the ability to share login info with a few others. But businesses require different features than what is typically offered with a personal password manager. So before you make a decision, consider what it is you want in a password manager for your organization.

Learn more about why TeamPassword is a great Dashlane alternative for businesses. Sign up for a free trial.

Why You Should Look for Dashlane Alternatives

Even small startups can have over 100 different logins to manage. Most personal password managers only allow sharing for an average of five different individuals. Some may allow more, but you’ll need to pay extra for each additional person. Dashlane also has a cap of 50 passwords with its free version (the free version has actually been considered one of the worst amongst Dashlane alternatives) as well as a limit to only one device. So you can already see why Dashlane wouldn’t be very viable for business use.

As a strong Dashlane alternative as well as a reputable password manager designed for business use, many businesses choose TeamPassword. It’s not just more beneficial to a business than the standard personal password manager, but it’s very cost-effective as well.

What are the cons of Dashlane?

We’ve already mentioned the limitations of passwords and devices with the free version. But while you may get higher limits with the paid version, it is one of the most expensive password managers currently available. And what you’re paying extra for are features that don’t really benefit your business.

For example, you don’t need a built-in VPN or credit monitoring. Nor do you need dark web scanning. These are all features that are more apt for personal and family use. It doesn’t make sense to pay that much for a password manager when you won’t be utilizing its primary features, and features you do need for business and team use are absent.

Also notable as a con for business use is its limited cloud storage option. For teams sharing documents and data via the cloud and working remotely, this could be a major hindrance.

Try a free trial of TeamPassword and see why businesses choose this as a Dashlane alternative.

Why choose TeamPassword?

When seeking viable Dashlane alternatives that are better utilized in a business setting and with teams, you simply can’t go wrong with TeamPassword. This advanced password manager has been specifically designed for businesses, with team use in mind. When using TeamPassword to handle logins and passwords for a multitude of shared projects, folders, and private accounts, it’s easier than ever to improve collaboration, productivity, and security throughout the entire organization.

Password safety is, of course, extremely important, and TeamPassword doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to ensuring optimal security. From generating unique, strong passwords for every login and account with the click of a mouse to 2FA features and advanced encryption, TeamPassword is the best option for businesses seeking Dashlane alternatives.

What are the benefits and features of TeamPassword?

As mentioned earlier, TeamPassword was designed specifically for businesses and teams. Subsequently, it includes a multitude of features that will benefit businesses and not just an individual, personal user. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup, a growing agency, a software design and development company, or a much larger organization. Team Password is the Dashlane alternative you’ve been looking for.

Accessible Anywhere

TeamPassword allows quick and easy access to accounts and shared folders for users working from any location. Whether you’re using desktops, laptops, or mobile devices, users can use TeamPassword to sign in to accounts or shared folders with ease, ensuring that the workflow continues without interruption. And the addition of an extremely useful browser extension for Chrome makes it easier than ever for users to take full advantage of this powerful password manager. 

Groups and Sharing

Of course, the biggest advantage of using TeamPassword is the ability of a password administrator to set up access for a specific group of team members, as well as categorize different teams into groups. Whether you’re creating logins for teams of 5 or 50, you can do it within just a few moments.

Secure Password Generation

TeamPassword comes with a built-in password generator to help you create strong, unique passwords with just a click. For added security, you can also enable 2FA. Advanced encryption technology keeps passwords and login information secure.

Data Logging

Want to keep track of logins, invites, removals, and pretty much any general activities related to a login? With TeamPassword’s fully active data logging capabilities, you can.  

TeamPassword also offers multiple pricing plans to suit your budget and the size of your teams, making it the ideal solution for businesses of any size.

Try a free 14-day trial today, and you’ll quickly see why TeamPassword is one of the better Dashlane alternatives for businesses.

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