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Dashlane Alternatives

Top 7 Dashlane Alternatives

April 12, 20248 min read

Password Management

It might be the over-burdened interface or the price, or maybe you're just comparing your options before you commit. Whatever has you looking for Dashlane alternatives, we've got you covered. 

Our list of the top seven Dashlane alternatives explores the password managers that excel where Dashlane falls short. 

What to Look For in a Dashlane Alternative

Before diving in, consider these security must-haves:

When searching for Dashlane alternatives, there are a few features to keep in mind. 

Look for an alternative that provides robust protection against hackers and identity theft. Data encryption is essential in providing this security layer. 

Other Features to Consider Include:

  • Multi-device compatibility: make sure the Dashlane alternative you choose can sync and store your data across all of your devices, no matter where you are.
  • Industry-standard encryption: Dashlane's password manager feature helps users protect their online accounts with strong, unique passwords. Look for a Dashlane alternative that offers the same level of protection, so your private information remains safe and secure.
  • Auto-fill/autocomplete: Dashlane's autofill feature makes signing into websites and filling out forms a breeze. Look for an alternative that provides the same convenience.
  • Easy Setup: Dashlane's setup process is straightforward, so look for a Dashlane alternative that also makes it simple to get up and running quickly. 

What are the cons of Dashlane?

We’ve already mentioned the limitations of passwords and devices with the free version.

In 2023, Dashlane further axed the capabilities of its free version, allowing 25 records on 1 device. If you're just looking for a free password manager for solo users, you'll definitely want to avoid Dashlane. 

You get more features with the paid version, but it's one of the most expensive password managers currently available. And depending on your use case, you might be paying for features you don't need. For example, you may not need a built-in VPN. If you're a business, you may want unlimited collection sharing and an SSO capability, but you don't need all the other add-ons that justify the $8/user/month price tag.  


TeamPassword aims to separate itself from other password managers with its intuitive interface and responsive customer support. Your password manager is a tool to make you more secure and more efficient. 

TeamPassword's clean interface, advanced security, and team-oriented features like unlimited password groups make it a strong contender for any business. It's also much cheaper than Dashlane. 

TeamPassword Features:

  • Ease of use - Its simple design makes it easy to share passwords with new team members without needing additional training.
  • Responsive Customer Support - The chat feature provides live customer support with a real member the TeamPassword team.
  • Seamless Sharing - Share logins and passwords with a group of team members, an external collaborator group, or the entire team.
  • Secure encryption - Protect your sensitive information on the web with secure encryption technology by hashing, salting, and encrypting it locally, before transmitting it to the server via an encrypted channel.


LastPass is another Dashlane alternative that offers multi-device compatibility, and easy setup. With LastPass, you can store login credentials for all of your online accounts in one secure place, so you never have to worry about forgetting a password again. 

The app also comes with auto-fill and autocomplete capabilities, so you can sign into websites and fill out forms faster. Plus, LastPass's secure sharing feature allows users to share passwords and other private information with trusted contacts. 

However, a series of security incidents has left security experts around the globe urging users to stay away from Lastpass. Maybe the slew of features is worth it, but you should know how they've handled security incidents so far.

LastPass Features:

  • Reset lost master password with local recovery key
  • Additional add-ons available if you're willing to pay more - could be a pro or con for your business
  • A local encryption method - LastPass never accesses or stores your master password or the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data.
  • Multiple factor Authentication - Adding multi-factor authentication to your LastPass account adds an extra layer of security.


Over 100,000 businesses and millions of customers rely on 1Password to protect their most sensitive data. 

1Password's security model is currently regarded as one of the safest - or, shall we say, most breach-resilient - of all cloud-based password managers. 

1Password has several plans that cover most use-cases, though they do not offer a free tier. 

1Password pricing starts at $2.99 for an individual account, and up to $7.99/user for the Enterprise tier with its advanced features. 

1Password Features:

  • Watchtower alerts you to sites without two-factor authentication or using insecure HTTP
  • A secret key is combined with your password to encrypt your account, making it extra secure
  • All the features you need to share passwords securely


NordPass is another Dashlane alternative that allows you to save your passwords and credit cards, share logins with co-workers, and check if your emails were breached.

Developed by Nord Security, the same company behind NordVPN, NordLayer, and NordLocker, this app is a great solution if you’re already in that ecosystem. 

It’ll allow you to better understand how their systems work and how to use them to your advantage. If you have questions, you can simply reach out to one customer service center—not several.

Nordpass Features:

  • Password saving made easy - Prompts you every time you log into a new website or create an online account to save your password.
  • Passwords sync automatically - NordPass works across Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Keep track of important things - You can use Secure Notes to store passwords, alarm codes, and other important information.
  • Unlimited password storage - Organize all your passwords in one secure location.


Bitwarden is great if you’re looking for a way to drive collaboration and boost productivity. They have tons of features that make things buttery smooth.

Also, it's open-source software, so it’s a pretty popular choice for businesses and individuals to manage their online information. Open-source means that if you want to review, audit, or contribute to the Bitwarden codebase, you can.

You can also host it yourself if you don’t want to use the Bitwarden cloud.

If you need a free plan for individual use, Bitwarden is one of the best. 

Bitwarden Features:

  • Open source - some people prefer this mode of development, since anyone can verify the security of the application
  • Unlimited passwords and devices - Access via mobile, browser, and desktop.
  • Directly share encrypted information - With Bitwarden Send, users can send encrypted data directly to others while maintaining end-to-end encryption security.
  • Password protection is just the beginning - Protect all types of sensitive data, transmit it securely, and view vault health reports.

Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager is all about protecting every business—large or small. It’s a popular option because it’s an easy-to-use platform that unifies critical components of identity and access management. 

And you can do some pretty technical things with Keeper. With just a few clicks, you can protect, manage, and share passwords, files, and metadata across your organization. It's also possible to access your infrastructure directly without a VPN.

Keeper Password Manager Features:

  • Broad Authentication Options: Keeper supports a wide range of authentication methods for secure logins. This includes traditional 2FA via SMS or authenticator apps, but also U2F security keys and even biometric logins through Windows Hello or TouchID on desktops. For added convenience, they also offer KeeperDNA, a 2FA method that utilizes your smartwatch.
  • Secure File Storage: Beyond passwords, Keeper allows secure storage of other sensitive documents and files within its encrypted vault. This offers a central location for managing various types of confidential data.
  • Emergency Access: Keeper provides an "Emergency Access" feature that lets you designate trusted individuals to access your vault in case of an emergency. This ensures someone you trust can reach important information if needed.


KeePass is another open-source password manager developed for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. If you want total customizability for the cheapest price - free - then KeePass is an excellent choice.

However, if you want to install a browser extension and start auto-filling your Instagram password in minutes, KeePass is not a great choice.

For the technically confident, KeePass can be set up to run locally on your device - no syncing your vault to a third-party server. This has its cons, but it does keep your password vault entirely under your control. KeePass can even be run from a flash drive. 

KeePass Features:

  • Highly customizable - particularly useful for storing data other than website logins. 
  • Strong security - AES encryption, SHA-256 hash, protection against dictionary and guessing attacks, and in-memory security.
  • Password generator - Creates passwords using character sets and patterns.
  • Flexible and efficient organization - Entry groups, tags, time fields, and attachments.

Which Password Manager is Best For You?

When it comes to Dashlane alternatives, it’s important to consider your current roadblocks and pick the one that solves them. 

Some may offer all the features you're looking for, while others offer a bit less but might be more budget-friendly. At the end of the day, it’s all about weighing the pros and cons. What’s right for your particular use case?


TeamPassword is the most intuitive password manager for teams, backed by the best customer support. Try TeamPassword for free today!

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