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How to safely share passwords with coworkers

How to safely share passwords with coworkers

June 8, 20215 min read


Sharing passwords with coworkers requires a higher level of security to avoid data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Teams need a safe way to share their passwords and make workflows go smoothly securely.

If you're not sharing passwords using TeamPassword, you might unknowingly compromise the security of your projects and your company as a whole.

The best way to avoid data leaks and cyber-attacks are to take advantage of TeamPassword's incredible, user-friendly password-sharing solutions.

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The Challenges of Sharing Passwords 

Individuals working with teams know there are challenges involved with sharing passwords, even though it's essential to get projects completed.

Your team needs a way to provide those passwords to others authorized to gain access to work on jobs and projects and prevent others who aren't from logging in.

Many industries face this security concern and need innovative solutions to solve this problem. Some industries that need to share passwords include the following.

  • Tech companies
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Software design and development companies 
  • Creative agencies

For example, a marketing team working remotely on a project together needs access to the information to complete projects; however, the project contains sensitive information and data about a client.

You don't want someone to gain access to this information but still have a user-friendly method for providing the passwords.

In this instance, you need a reliable and secure method for passing along passwords to team members without sacrificing user-friendly methods.

Security Concerns 

A top security concern should be sharing passwords safely. You can have great IT security and still have weak points within your company because of user errors.

For example, some coworkers write passwords or send them via text or apps. This is a dangerous practice that can spell disaster.

Sharing passwords through any physical or verbal means may also leave this information subject to theft.

Without using a secure vehicle for sharing passwords, cybercriminals have the advantage, and they can hack your team or private account.

Some of the worst data breaches of all time have happened to seemingly secure companies and work teams. Don't let this happen to your company or workgroup.

Methods to Avoid 

Don't share coworkers' passwords via work app messengers like Slack or other similar work-sharing apps and software. These sites aren't secure and leave information vulnerable.

Another method to avoid is sending messages via SMS. This is a notoriously dangerous method for password sharing.

Never write down passwords or enter them into a notepad on a computer - especially a computer shared by multiple individuals.

While mentioning SMS messages, we should also mention email. Your email is one of the most insecure methods for providing information to team members.

Why is email so vulnerable? There's no encryption, and emails are one of the most targeted communication methods.

They know there's a wealth of information to glean from people's interaction with one another. They can use sophisticated means to access your email passwords to look for information they can exploit.

The Correct Way to Share Passwords 

There are a few methods to share passwords correctly, you don't want to make any mistakes, but the best and most secure is implementing a password manager.

They offer a high level of encryption and safety company's need across many industries. Today's move into primarily digital environments demands this type of security for most businesses.

Look for secure password manager features such as these.

  • 2-step verification
  • Audit logging
  • Vulnerability sweeps

TeamPassword offers these top solutions so users can rest easy knowing they can quickly and easily share their passwords with authorized users and no one else. Not even employees of TeamPassword.

Using the services offered by TeamPassword is the most efficient and safe solution for teams sharing critical access to platforms, accounts, project management software, and more. Visit the website to find out more details.

Using Best Practices 

The use of best practices to share passwords safely should be a priority for any team. There are a few to consider, no matter what size project or group you work with over time.

  • Never share other coworker's passwords on an unsecured platform
  • Have a strategy for sharing passwords and don't deviate
  • Never verbally share password on the phone or in-person
  • Only share passwords with a TeamPassword solution

In order to implement these practices, it's important to ensure everyone has this information and knows what is expected from them.

Impress the importance of following these guidelines and communicate the potential security concerns of unauthorized methods for sharing passwords.

How to Get Started 

The best way to get started is to work with a proven leader in the field of password protection. Reach out to TeamPassword to find out how they can provide you and your team with the tools and security you need to avoid data breaches and leaks, either from sharing passwords or user error.

Get competitive services that hashes, salts, and encrypts your sensitive passwords and then transmits them securely where no one but the intended party can have access.

Proven Results 

TeamPassword provides users with a high level of security and encryptions to prevent others from gaining access to your work platforms or data files.

They provide a customized solution for teams in all levels of business to allow them to quickly, safely and securely share passwords to only those individuals who are authorized and absolutely no one else.

To get more information or details about this essential solution for teams and projects, check out the product tour on the website. You can also get access to 2-step verification, unique passwords, activity and logging, and email alerts all on one streamlined platform that makes working securely with other team members easier and safe when you sign up for the free trial.

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