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Dashlane vs. LastPass (vs. TeamPassword)

March 8, 20237 min read


Passwords inundate our brains in this technological era.

While simple passwords like '123456' may be easy to remember, it poses a security risk. Password managers are an excellent solution that provides secure storage for all your passwords while remaining easily accessible.

The abundance of password managers available in the market can make it challenging to determine the best fit for you or your organization.

We're here to help! Our article thoroughly compares Dashlane, LastPass, and TeamPassword, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses so you can make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

Table of Contents

Features Overview

Dashlane Features

Dashlane is a password manager that prides itself on being "security-first." It boasts top-notch encryption and dark web monitoring to protect your information from breaches. Additionally, Dashlane offers convenient features such as on-the-go access, unlimited sharing, and a unique password generator to help you easily manage your passwords.

LastPass Features

LastPass is the biggest password manager by far, though we’ve watched those numbers slide after the recent breach. LastPass aims to overwhelm you with features such as a security dashboard that helps you identify weak or duplicate passwords and the ability to grant emergency access to your account to trusted family members or friends in case of an emergency.

TeamPassword Features

As a password management solution built with teams and businesses in mind, TeamPassword prides itself on its affordable rates and easy sharing features that set it apart from its competitors. Its key features include a favorites list, password refresh reminders, and access to Google Single Sign-on offered with all plans. It has been recognized as one of the most user-friendly business password managers.

Common Features

Common features of Dashlane, LastPass, and TeamPassword: 

  • Custom Groups for Team Organization
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Group Sharing
  • Password Generator

These features come standard with most password managers including the topics of this article. They’ll operate differently based on the company, but the functionality is the same. 

Unique Features

Dashlane Unique Features

Dashlane’s most unique offering is the ability to change all your passwords at once on supported websites with one click. They also offer a public Wi-Fi VPM, advanced reporting, identity theft protection, and enterprise mass deployment. 

LastPass Unique Features

LastPass provides an Emergency Access feature that allows you to grant trusted family or friends access to your account in an emergency. They boast 1,200+ pre-integrated SSO apps and 100+ customizable policies, though you’ll need to pay extra for these features.

TeamPassword Unique Features

Designed for teams, TeamPassword places a premium on simplicity. It has learned that if password hygiene is too complicated, employees won’t do it. TeamPassword enables you to create an unlimited number of groups to share passwords with a small team or your entire organization, all with just a few clicks. It offers live customer support and frequently adds features based on the user feedback that it gathers. 


Dashlane Usability

Dashlane's sleek user interface makes it a standout option. This platform is equipped with a range of security features that prioritize your protection, such as breach notifications and dark web insight alerts, placing it alongside its competitors as a powerful and versatile tool.

LastPass Usability

LastPass has been criticized for being overly complicated. It’s loaded with features; if you find a feature unique to LastPass that you absolutely must have, it may be your best option. But the complexity can keep employees from adopting it as part of their workflow. 

TeamPassword Usability

TeamPassword has created a UI that is intuitive and user-friendly through extensive testing. As with its competitors, it offers browser extensions and built-in password generators for an efficient, enjoyable experience. TeamPassword is so intuitive your new staff will catch on quickly. No need to add another element to their onboarding schedule.

Sharing Capabilities 

Dashlane password sharing

Dashlane's sharing functionality allows users to share multiple passwords with multiple individuals using sharing groups, but it requires that those individuals have a Dashlane account.

LastPass password sharing

LastPass allows you to share passwords with an individual user by entering their email address, so any changes to that password will sync between your accounts. You can also share folders of passwords with other people. All users must have a LastPass account. 

TeamPassword password sharing

TeamPassword's main emphasis is on sharing, and the platform is organized into groups of records that correspond to different departments or projects, such as Marketing, Sales, or the iOS Dev Team. Adding or removing users from these groups is simple, and users can easily share their own records with one or more groups. However, just like LastPass and Dashlane, sharing passwords requires that users have an account and be part of your organization. 


Dashlane Security

With AES-256 encryption, Dashlane securely transfers your data to its servers while dark web monitoring is in place to safeguard against potential threats.

LastPass Security

LastPass uses AES-256 encryption and the other safeguards expected in the industry.  However, due to seven breaches in the last few years - by far more than any other password manager - some of LastPass’s security practices have come under intense scrutiny from experts. In its current state, many experts do not recommend LastPass.

TeamPassword Security

TeamPassword uses AES-256 encryption, and Google Single Sign-on is included with all plans. TeamPassword employs backend fraud analytics to identify and prevent suspicious activity. Its platform is equipped with audit tools for admins, allowing them to monitor access, changes, and removal of records by team members. Additionally, admins can enforce two-factor authentication throughout the organization.

Device compatibility

Dashlane, LastPass, and TeamPassword are similarly matched. These password managers work seamlessly on Windows and Mac OS, as well as on mobile devices running iOS or Android. They are used primarily through web browser apps and extensions, but LastPass does offer a Windows desktop application - though not to users on their free plan. They also tell you to expect performance degradation after 2,500 items are added. 


Although all three password managers offer excellent features, the price factor will play a major role in determining which one is the best fit for you.

Dashlane Pricing

$0 to $8.99 per user / month

Team plan: $5 per user / month

Business: $8 per user / month

LastPass Pricing

Solo users and families: $0 to $4 per user / month

Teams: $4 per user / month

Business: $6 per user / month

TeamPassword Pricing

$1.66 to $7.60 per user / month

Dashlane and Lastpass offer variable prices depending on your needs. They do offer free plans, which are great for individual users, but businesses will want more feature-rich options. 

TeamPassword is designed for businesses, and this extends to pricing. TeamPassword offers its yearly plans for just $1.66 per user per month for the first six months. After six months, the cost rises to $4.16 per month per user, with additional discounts based on plan size. 

As an example, TeamPassword offers Google SSO with all of its plans, whereas SSO is locked to the $8 and $6 plans for Dashlane and LastPass, respectively. 

Secure Your Passwords with TeamPassword

Dashlane, LastPass, and TeamPassword each have unique advantages and disadvantages. Dashlane stands out for its comprehensive security features, while LastPass offers many add-ons. Its security has come into question, however. 

TeamPassword is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use option and is tailored specifically to the needs of teams and businesses.

Choosing the right password manager is entirely your decision. We’ve outlined the pertinent differences related to a password manager for your business. Hopefully, you feel equipped to make the best decision for your needs!

Get started with a free trial of TeamPassword today!

Interested in how 1Password stacks up against Dashlane and TeamPassword? Check out our comparison here

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