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Password Manager for Small Businesses

Password Manager for Small Businesses

April 27, 20214 min read


A password manager is a necessary tool that enables users to utilize strong, unique passwords for private accounts without the need to remember them or write them down. However, choosing a password manager for small businesses is not the same as selecting one for personal use.

That’s because a personal password manager while offering sufficient password security, is more or less also a tool for convenience. A password manager for small businesses offers additional features and benefits that can not only improve data security within the organization but also help teams be more productive and facilitate collaboration.

Sign up for a free trial with TeamPassword, a password manager specially designed for small business.

Why Your Business Needs a Password Manager

Let’s consider some of the ways in which a password manager for small businesses can aid your organization.

Improved Data Security

All the cybersecurity and data protection tools could be rendered useless if an employee is nonchalant with their password usage. In fact, 80% of data breaches can be attributed to weak or compromised passwords.

A password manager for small businesses provides a centralized management hub whereby administrators can standardize employee password practices, as well as enforce strict policies that ensure passwords are kept secure, even when employees are working off-site.

Improving security for a remote workforce is even more important because cybercriminals are attempting to take advantage of remote workers more than ever before. A password manager for small businesses ensures that remote workers also adhere to strict security and password protocols, significantly reducing the risk of a data breach.

Password Sharing for Teams

Using a password manager for small businesses also enables teams to access an account or data using one shared password, without the need for communicating that password to others via email, text messages, or written notes. A team administrator can assign access to shared folders or accounts, enabling teams to collaborate better on projects or share information with other groups within the organization.

Did you know that the average team has nearly 150 passwords to attempt to manage? A password manager for small businesses makes managing all those logins a snap while also ensuring a high level of security.

It’s a Cost-Effective Solution

There are dozens of good password managers available, but very few of them are actually designed for small businesses. Instead, they appeal more to the personal user, offering additional features that small businesses just don’t need. Consequently, password managers such as 1password, LastPass, Dashlane, and Zoho just aren’t viable options for small businesses because they’re too expensive. Additionally, they aren’t built with the features that small businesses need, such a team sharing.

TeamPassword is a password manager built for teams. Learn more about how TeamPassword can benefit your business and sign up for a free trial.

Why Choose TeamPassword

While the designers of TeamPassword placed a strong focus on security, they also wanted to create a password manager for small businesses that was easy to use, fast, and ideal for teams of any size.

Benefits and Features of TeamPassword

TeamPassword makes it easier than ever to not only create strong, unique passwords for each private account but also to keep all logins safe and in sync. This ensures that all team member can quickly and easily access an account whenever they need to, from any location.

Being able to access data and accounts with ease prevents the frustration and loss of productivity that occurs when team members are locked out of an account or can’t remember a password. With a shared password manager like TeamPassword, you can eliminate downtime and keep projects moving on schedule.

The Google Chrome browser extension also improves efficiency via cloud-based platform, giving users seamless, 1-click access to logins.

TeamPassword was designed for small businesses and eliminates all the unnecessary features that are often found on personal password managers but not much use to small businesses. This helps to keep costs down, making it a cost-effective solution for small businesses in any industry. There are a range of pricing plans to choose from depending on the size of your teams, ensuring you don’t pay extra for what you don’t need.

Business owners and managers, team leaders, and network administrators all use TeamPassword because it is easy for all users to learn quickly, enabling you to improve data security right from the start.

You can sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how TeamPassword is the ideal password manager for small businesses.

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