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TeamPassword vs 1Password

1Password Alternatives

April 27, 20214 min read

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1Password is one of the most popular and oft-recommended password managers. And after reading the reviews and researching the features, you'll know why so many people use 1Password as their personal password manager.

But the keyword there is “personal.” 1Password is indeed a reliable and secure password manager for personal use. If you’re looking for a password manager designed specifically for team use in a business setting, you’ll want to consider 1Password alternatives.

Learn more about why TeamPassword is a great 1Password alternative for businesses. Sign up for a free trial.

Why You Should Look for 1Password Alternatives

Most personal password managers are somewhat limited in scope when providing daily usage for a large team. It’s also important to consider that many features built into a personal password manager simply aren’t viable for a business or large group. It's pointless to pay for features you won’t use.

That’s why businesses like yours look for 1Password alternatives. A password manager designed for business use, such as TeamPassword, will be much more cost-effective, valuable and beneficial to a business than a personal password manager.

You know that password safety is essential. You also know it's difficult to keep track of just a few passwords, let alone dozens.

A password manager for businesses just makes more sense than trying to come up with unique passwords for everyone, or even worse, using the same login information for everything. If you haven’t yet tried a password manager, it’s worth seeing how one designed for businesses can help with both security and team collaboration.

What Are the Cons of 1Password?

For starters, 1Password's top plan, the Family Plan, only allows five users. This will not work for teams comprising six or more people, which is highly commonplace in most businesses.

1Password offers browser extensions, but many users find them confusing. This is also something you don’t want in a business setting. You want users to use your company password manager with ease, thus avoiding interruptions to the daily workflow or repeated calls to the tech department.

In addition, 1Password has limited import features. If you want to switch from one type of password manager to 1Password, you may need to perform a series of tedious steps to get your current passwords into 1Password.

You might easily overlook a few things if you intend to use this password manager for personal use. But in a business setting, it would probably be more annoying than helpful. 

Try a free trial of TeamPassword and see why businesses choose it as a 1Password alternative.

Why Choose TeamPassword?

TeamPassword has been designed specifically for businesses and especially for team use, facilitating collaboration and improving productivity and security throughout the organization. It is the fastest and easiest way for teams of any size to share logins and passwords while ensuring optimal security.

With this advanced password manager, you’ll save time, improve security, and stay in sync with team members no matter where they are.

What Are the Benefits and Features of TeamPassword?

Because it was designed for businesses and teams, TeamPassword is loaded with features sure to benefit any business. It integrates well with startups, growing agencies, software design and development, and many more. 

Accessible Anywhere

With so many individuals working remotely these days, you need a password manager that allows access to accounts and shared folders from anywhere. TeamPassword does just that, enabling quick access from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. 

TeamPassword also offers a handy browser extension for Chrome, enabling quicker sign-ins to accounts and improving workflow. 

Groups and Sharing

A password administrator can set up access for a specific group of team members and categorize different teams into groups. It’s also easy to remove members who no longer require access to a shared folder or account.

Secure Password Generation

Of course, security is of the utmost importance. TeamPassword comes with a built-in password generator to help you create strong, unique passwords with just a click.

For added security, you can also enable 2FA. This advanced encryption technology keeps passwords and login information secure.

Data Logging

TeamPassword provides important activity data so an administrator can keep track of who logs in and out of accounts and when they access company data. You can also set notification preferences to see when team members are invited or removed, or you can get a summary of general activities related to a login.

As you can see, TeamPassword is the optimal password manager solution for businesses and teams. And with multiple pricing plans to suit your budget and the size of your teams, 1Password is also the most cost-effective solution.

Try a free 14-day trial today, and you’ll see why TeamPassword is one of the best 1Password alternatives for businesses.

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