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Best Password Manager for Nonprofits (2024)

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May 29, 20247 min read

Password Management

Large organizations, whether private or public, for profit or nonprofit, have a focus on improving their cybersecurity measures. However, these different organizations have different needs. What might be the best option for one isn’t for others. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right password manager for nonprofits.

TeamPassword is the best password manager for nonprofits. Don’t believe us? Sign up for a 14-day free trial today and try for yourself.


What are some of the particular nonprofit password manager requirements?

Nonprofits on average have very different budgets, organizational structures, average tenures, and employee skill sets than their for-profit counterparts. As such, they have very different needs. 

Here are some of the unique requirements of password managers for nonprofits:

  1. Budget friendly

  2. Easy to use and implement

  3. Assists with account sharing

  4. Compatible with high turnover organizations

  5. Safe for organizational and private devices

  6. Can be used across platforms

  7. Able to be implemented without IT

Budget friendly

Most nonprofits have very tight budgets. These budgets can also be variable, making long-term commitments for software more difficult. The ideal password manager for nonprofits has a low monthly fee and doesn’t require a long-term commitment.

Easy to use and implement

Especially when dealing with volunteers who might not be the most tech-savvy, it’s important that any new software, including a password manager, is easy to use. If not, you risk teams reverting to high-risk habits such as using a password sheet.

Similarly, one that can be used out of the box will make it easier to deploy across the organization. 

Assists with account sharing

As mentioned above, nonprofits often have limited budgets. As such, they need a way to share expensive software accounts securely. By allowing nonprofits to share accounts without sharing passwords, the right password manager can keep the organization safe.

Compatible with high turnover organizations

Many nonprofits see high staff turnover. This is especially the case when much of the staff is volunteer or needs to be associated with a specific related organization, such as a student of a university or college. 

When staff members leave, they create an organizational risk. First, they could bring passwords with them. Second, passwords can be lost, along with the recovery email account. 

Safe for organizational and private devices

Not every member of a nonprofit uses an organizational email account. Many maintain the use of their private email account for business-related correspondence. This is also true for their private smartphones and laptops, along with the browser chosen. 

As such, the best password manager for nonprofits should have two-factor authentication (2FA) so less secure private email accounts don’t become a cybersecurity threat. 

It also rules out using the Chrome Password Manager, as you don’t want passwords stored on private devices.

Can be used across platforms

As mentioned above, many volunteer and paid staff members at nonprofits use their own devices.  Therefore, nonprofit password managers need to be compatible with many browsers and operating systems. 

Able to be implemented without IT

Not every nonprofit has the budget for a full-time IT person to implement and maintain critical software. Therefore, nonprofits need a password manager that is “plug-n-play”.


5 best password managers for nonprofits

Here are five of the best password managers for nonprofits:

  1. TeamPassword

  2. LastPass

  3. 1Password

  4. Bitwarden

  5. Dashlane


TeamPassword is a user-friendly password management solution tailored for nonprofit teams and organizations. Its intuitive interface simplifies password storage, organization, and access, so even the least tech-savvy team member will find the platform simple and easy to use. 

The straightforward onboarding process means even the smallest nonprofit with no IT personnel can implement TeamPassword in minutes. 

Cybersecurity is critical for all organizations, including nonprofits. TeamPassword prioritizes security by employing robust encryption measures to safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access or breaches, making it the safest way to store passwords. This ensures peace of mind for nonprofit teams and stakeholders.

Facilitating collaboration is key, and TeamPassword offers unlimited and customizable groups. These enable nonprofits to categorize passwords and share them selectively with team members as needed, maintaining confidentiality and security. This is especially important for high staff turnover environments, ensuring former volunteers and employees no longer have access to accounts.

The primary aim of TeamPassword is to offer a hassle-free password management solution that nonprofits can easily adopt and integrate into their workflows. While issues are rare, dedicated customer support is also available, with live assistance Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST, ensuring prompt help with an average response time of under five minutes. Support is accessible via phone and email as well.

Moreover, TeamPassword offers competitive pricing plans compatible with budget-conscious nonprofits, ranging from $1.66 to $6.34 per user per month for an annual subscription. This flexibility allows nonprofits of all sizes to access essential password management tools within their budget constraints. Monthly subscriptions are also available, so nonprofits with variable budgets don’t need to lock into long-term contracts.


LastPass is currently the most widely-used password manager, although their market share has diminished recently due to seven known security breaches. Still, it offers a wide range of features to enhance security, including a security dashboard for identifying weak or duplicate passwords and emergency access for trusted individuals. 

While LastPass is less intuitive than some of the other nonprofit password manager options, it has some needed features. For example, passwords can be shared through email or by creating shared folders. Since recipients also need an organizational LastPass account, passwords are secure in the case of staff churn.

Pricing starts at $0 for individuals and $6 per user per month for teams, with additional costs for certain integrations.


1Password is a versatile password management tool designed to meet the needs of individuals, families, and nonprofits alike. It ensures fast and secure access to your password vault through PIN and biometric unlock options. With its Watchtower feature, it actively scans and notifies users about compromised passwords, enhancing overall security.

Although lauded for its customization capabilities, some users may find its interface complex, potentially affecting adoption rates within nonprofit teams. IT staff may also be required to take full advantage of this customization. However, sharing records remains straightforward, even with users who don't have a 1Password account.

Support options include access to a contact form and community forum, providing assistance and resources for users as needed.

Pricing for organizations starts at $7.99 per user per month for the comprehensive feature set tailored to meet the unique needs of nonprofit operations.


Bitwarden is an open-source password manager. On the one hand, this makes it particularly complex to implement if your nonprofit doesn’t have dedicated IT staff able to build out the solution and then maintain it. On the other hand, this makes Bitwarden significantly more budget friendly than some of the options on this list. 

Once implemented, Bitwarden allows users to simply and securely share passwords using the nonprofit organization’s password vault. 

It’s worth noting that, if your organization has any issues, the only support option is via email. 

Affordability is a key feature of Bitwarden, catering to the tight budgets found in many nonprofit organizations, including a limited free plan. Pricing for Bitwarden ranges from $0 to $5 per user per month, depending on the chosen plan.


Dashlane is a suitable password manager for nonprofits for several reasons. It allows users to access passwords on their laptop and mobile devices. It also has easy-to-use features including one-click passwords and automatic password generation. Dashlane also allows users to share passwords with specific teammates. 

Dashlane prioritizes user-friendly design and ease of use, making it a good choice for volunteer organizations. For high turnover organizations, the software is intuitive so they can get up to speed quickly. 

Pricing for Dashlane's starter plan, accommodating up to 10 users, begins at $2.00 per user per month, making it particularly attractive for smaller nonprofits. Larger teams can opt for the "Team" package, starting at $5.00 per user per month.

TeamPassword is the best password manager for nonprofits

TeamPassword has the security and simplicity needed by nonprofit organizations. With a low monthly fee and full suite of features, TeamPassword is the ideal option to protect your nonprofit. 

TeamPassword is ideal for nonprofits. Don’t believe us? Sign up for a 14-day free trial today and try for yourself.

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