Did You Meet TeamPassword?

In March, TeamPassword joined the Jungle Disk cybersecurity suite, bringing with it five years of experience solving password challenges in the era of web applications and software-as-a-service for small businesses. If you haven’t already explored our newest product addition, we want to introduce you and tell you why we’re so excited to add a solution to our suite that helps solve password management challenges.

Keeping Track of Your Passwords

Having different high-level passwords is something that is crucial when it comes to keeping your accounts secure as well as your identity. Yet, many people are set off by the idea of having to remember 20 different character combinations just for one account.

Password Best Practices: What Makes a Password Strong?

Passwords are something nearly all of us use on a daily basis. Whether we’re logging into our computers, email accounts, social media accounts, or bank accounts; passwords are used to “secure” our online lives and that of the companies we work for or run. I feel safe in saying that passwords aren’t exactly the MOST secure way to protect these assets, but the eliminating passwords for some other method of authentication (like biometrics, for example) is pretty far off from being widely accepted and used. So, given this reality, it’s vital to the security interests of our businesses and to our ourselves that we choose strong passwords whenever possible. Learn what “password strength” means, how it differs from complexity, how password strength applies to security, and what you can do to make your passwords stronger and easier to manage.

Baltimore to San Antonio: Joining the Jungle Disk Team

Greetings to the Jungle Disk blog audience! As you’ve already heard, my company TeamPassword has been acquired by Jungle Disk, and as of the beginning of March, I’ve joined the Jungle Disk team. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and give a bit of background on myself and the company.