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Dashlane vs. NordPass (vs. TeamPassword)

April 26, 202311 min read

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Did you know that the average person juggles between 70 to 80 passwords for all of their internet accounts? As technology advances, we utilize online passwords for many vital daily functions, from paying bills to accessing our financial information. As such, every password we use needs to be kept safe to keep your private information secure.

Password managers provide a solution to securely storing passwords all in one place. Today, many different password managers are available in that market, each with unique features and a specific target audience. But some password managers are easier to use than others.

When sharing passwords amongst a team, safety, and security are paramount to protect organizations from dangerous cybersecurity threats. Below, this guide will explore three of the most popular password management tools and how to decide which is best for your unique needs.

What Is Dashlane?

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Dashlane is a password manager that is used for both personal and business use. This password tool allows users to access and manage passwords from anywhere, including desktop and mobile devices. Using Dashlane's password management tool offers a variety of helpful password features, such as one-click passwords and forms, automatic password generation, and the ability to share protected passwords.

One key feature of Dashlane is the patented encryption feature, which completely protects your password and seamlessly integrates across all your devices. Users who are concerned with sharing private information may benefit from this platform, as even the company cannot see stored passwords.

What Is NordPass?

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NordPass is another popular password management solution, offering a secure solution for passwords, credit cards, and more. Some key features of NordPass include the ability to generate strong passwords, securely share passwords amongst co-workers, and identify data breaches.

Currently, NordPass has over 3,000 users using the platform for business and personal use. The NordPass Web Vault feature allows you to use the platform from their desktop browser, eliminating the need to download the application on your device.

What Is TeamPassword?

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TeamPassword is a simple, secure team password manager designed from the ground up with ease of use and collaboration in mind. It provides a fast and easy way to store and share passwords with the highest level of protection. In turn, TeamPasswords' password management tool helps eliminate the popular "password spreadsheet," which poses a significant security risk.

Designed specifically for teams and organizations, TeamPassword helps keep projects moving while protecting your company's assets. 

Dashlane vs. NordPass vs. TeamPassword: Features Overview 

With many password manager tools available, choosing the right product for you can be overwhelming. Below, use the features overview chart to compare Dashlane, NordPass, and TeamPassword. The following chart compares and contrasts each password manager across several important components.



Individuals, groups, and organizations utilize password managers to easily and securely store their passwords all in one place. As such, the tool must be intuitive and user-friendly. To utilize your password program to its full potential, usability is an important consideration. For teams using password managers to share passwords, easy use is vital to success.

A user-friendly password manager will take less time to use, helping to increase your workflow and productivity. Choosing a password manager that is easy for your team to adopt also helps enhance security, reducing the risk of data breaches. 


Dashlane offers an easy-to-use platform that prioritizes password security for both personal and business use. The streamlined interface makes it easy for users to learn and implement immediately. Dashlane organizes its features neatly, making it intuitive for new users to learn to use the platform.


The NordPass password management tool allows users to easily store all of their info in one place, designed for easy use by every type of user. The auto-fill technology and other features are all included to make usability easy for customers.


TeamPassword offers the ultimate user-friendly platform, ideal for groups and organizations. When comparing TeamPassword to Dashlane vs. Nordpass, TeamPassword stands out as the most user-friendly platform for teams to use, while the other platforms may be more useful for personal use. 

Device Compatibility

All three password managers offer great device compatibility. Those who are looking to use a Linux device will need to pay special attention to which password manager they choose. However, all three password managers are compatible with the most commonly used devices.


Dashlane is currently supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. It can also be used on Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. However, Linux is not covered, but the company has noted that this device compatibility will be coming soon.


NordPass has the most diverse device compatibility, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. In addition, the NordPass password manager extension is available for almost every browser on the web, including Firefox, Safari, Brave, Google Chrome, Mozilla, and more.


TeamPassword is not available on Linux but is available through Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. The password manager can also be accessed from several web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Mozilla, and Safari providing easy accessibility. TeamPassword offers the flexibility needed for large groups to effectively use the platform on the most popular devices.

Password Sharing

Password sharing allows users to safely send login information through a protected system. As such, this feature eliminates the need for texting or emailing personal passwords, leaving information vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.


Dashlane offers unlimited secure password sharing, allowing users to share passwords with one or more users through a secure platform. The individuals receiving the secure passwords must also have a valid Dashlane account. Unlike NordPasss, free Dashlane users can utilize the password-sharing feature.


NordPass provides users the ability to easily share secure payment info, WiFi access, and passwords through a secure platform. With NordPass, login details are shared directly from the vault. The password-sharing feature of NordPass is only available for those with a premium plan, which means free users cannot access this vital feature.


TeamPassword makes sharing passwords simple, no matter how many people are in a group. The platform organizes information and passwords into groups, making adding or removing users easy. Storing passwords via groups can be helpful as employees change within companies, ensuring only the right people have access to secure password information.


Security is one of the most important considerations when shopping for a password manager. A secure password manager program will help eliminate the need to keep physical notes or digital spreadsheets of passwords, a practice that leaves you vulnerable to cybercrime.


DashLane uses an extremely secure 256-bit AES encryption for advanced security. Using what the company calls a "zero-knowledge' system, even the company itself cannot access the data stored on its servers.


The NordPass XChaCha20 encryption uses an end-to-end system that protects each user's passwords. This particular type of encryption is slightly more advanced than the AES-256 encryption system used by Dashlane and Teampassword, though all brands are very secure. One of the main differences between Dashlane vs. Nordpass is the differing encryption methods.

This new technology is considered to be the future of encryption services, also used by platforms such as Google and Cloudfare to ensure safe and secure connections. The innovative XChaCha20 algorithm is faster to implement than AES-256 systems. In addition, it is simpler, which means there are fewer human or technical errors.


TeamPassword utilizes AES-265 encryption for members on any level of the plan. Given that this platform is meant for teams, the platform offers many ways for administrators to track user activity and add additional security measures, such as mandatory two-factor authentication. 


Although all three platforms are fairly intuitive, it is important to consider each brand's customer support in case issues arise, or your team has questions about your password manager. This is especially important if your team doesn't have a person dedicated to information technology (IT). 

From answering a question about billing or helping troubleshoot tech issues, choosing a company with an exceptional customer support team can make your life easier. 

In addition to quality, you'll want to consider the methods of contacting support, their availability, and how quickly they address concerns. 


Dashlane offers a comprehensive support forum on its website, where users can view answers to commonly asked questions. Customers can also contact Dashlane by submitting a website request for additional requests.

Live Support is offered Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST (available in English, French, and German languages). However, many customers have noted that getting ahold of any customer representative over the phone is difficult.

Customers on a business plan can also request a video call with a customer support agent for more detailed concerns or questions.


NordPass offers customer support through email or by completing an online inquiry form. Customers can also schedule a demo call to learn more about the product.


TeamPasswordoffers several contact methods for customers, including Live Chat and phone support Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM EST, email support, and a self-help desk. This level of support is available to all customers, regardless of their plan. 

Furthermore, TeamPassword boasts an impressive median response time of under 5 minutes and a median close time of under 25 minutes. 


When considering the best password managerfor your needs, price is always a key factor. The price of each tool will vary depending on the length of commitment and the number of users on your team. Based on your budget, you may consider annual pricing for your password manager to get the best possible rates.

Dashlane Pricing

$2 per seat/ per month

10 seats at a flat $20 rate

(Annual Plans)

Team Plan: $5 per seat/per month

Business Plan: $8 per seat/per month

NordPass Pricing

Business (1-year): $3.99 per user/per month

Business (2-year): $3.59 per user/per month

Enterprise: Unlimited users, price subject to agreement terms

Personal & Family (1-Year)

Premium: $1.99 per user/per month

Family: $3.69 per month, up to 6 accounts

Personal & Family (2-Year)

Premium:  $1.49 per user/per month

Family: $2.79 per month, up to 6 accounts

NordPass offers a free plan which may be ideal for individual users who are new to password manager solutions. However, the free version does not include the ability to switch between devices, a primary reason that many individuals begin using a password manager.

When comparing Dashlane vs. Nordpass, DashLane is more expensive, which could put a dent in tight budgets.

TeamPassword Pricing

TeamPassword offers yearly plans starting at just $1.66 per user per month for the first six months. After six months, the cost rises to $4.16 per month per user, with additional discounts based on the plan size. TeamPassword's design works best for teams and organizations, offering large discounts for larger groups.

Manage All of Your Passwords with Team Password

Dashlane, Nordpass, and TeamPassword each have top-tier features and password management solutions. Dashlane offers a robust platform with features that may expand its use, while Nordpass uses an XChaCha20 encryption system. TeamPassword offers an ideal solution for those who care about ease of use and sharing passwords across teams.

Interested in learning how TeamPassword can make storing and sharing passwords easy for your team? Take a test drive of TeamPassword with a free trial today!

Password Manager FAQs

Is Dashlane More Trustworthy Than NordPass?

As you compare Dashlane vs. Nordpass, it's important to remember that both platforms are equally secure and trustworthy.

Dashlane offers a patented encryption security feature, meaning even the company cannot view your passwords.

Similarly, NordPass secures passwords and other sensitive data using an automatic encryption algorithm known as XChaCha20.

Which Password Manager Is Right for You?

When selecting a password manager, there's not one answer that will suit every shopper. One important consideration though, is which password manager are you or your team more likely to use. To determine the right password manager, utilize the features overview comparison chart listed above.

This comprehensive overview compares Dashlane, NordPass, and TeamPassword based on various categories, including usability, device compatibility, security, and more. With this tool, you can narrow down the safest password manager for your specific needs.

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