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username ideas

Password Management

October 24, 202311 min read

How to Make a Good Username | Create a Unique and Secure Username

See the best way to come up with a new username. We break down types of usernames, why secure usernames are important, and how to create them effectively!

Green android character holding a phone with red question marks above its head and the TeamPassword, Google, and bitwarden logos around it.

Password Management

November 20, 20238 min read

3 Best Password Managers for Android (2024)

Most of us are fully aware of all the potential risks associated with the Internet. From phishing scams ...

Person under water spear fishing, swimming towards icons representing bitcoin, passwords, email, and money.


November 1, 20238 min read

Spear phishing: What you need to know to keep yourself safe in 2024

Spear phishing is using personalized emails in an attempt to get you to divulge sensitive information. Here’s what ...

A person's finger in the foreground clicking a "login" button that is part of a login screen including username and password with a blurred background that looks like a hardware store.

Password Management

October 15, 20238 min read

The Best Ways to Store Passwords Online and Offline (2024)

Here are the best ways to store a password online or offline, to both protect your accounts and ...

Extortion emails: what they are, how do they happen?


October 6, 20239 min read

What are Extortion Emails?

Cybercrime is rising. Cybercriminals are using Extortion emails to perpetrate crimes. So what can you do if you ...

Person typing on a laptop while looking at their phone, with graphic icons showing different web related things and a masked password


September 29, 20237 min read

2FA vs MFA: Are they the same?

Comparing 2FA vs MFA can be confusing. The fact is 99% of the time they are functionally the ...

A person holding and touching their iphone, with a bright blue and orange background and a cup of coffee by their hand.

Password Management

September 8, 20237 min read

3 Best Password Managers for iPhone (2023)

Are you looking to improve your mobile cybersecurity practices or make life a little easier? Here are the ...

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