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Zoho Alternatives

Zoho Alternatives

May 18, 20215 min read

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Keeping up with your passwords can be difficult, especially when you have different passwords for multiple platforms. If you’re currently using Zoho to manage your passwords, here’s an alternative you may appreciate. You can try a free trial here.

Why Do You Need a Zoho Alternative? 

When it comes to password management, you need a platform that gives you options. Although Zoho is easy to use and offers a free plan, there are numerous drawbacks to consider. You deserve a password management platform your business can use.

What Are the Cons of Zoho? 

Free Plan 

While Zoho offers a free plan, this plan is limited and only suitable for small businesses. This free plan is subpar in comparison to other free trial options, such as TeamPassword. If you want to experience everything Zoho offers, you’ll need to switch to a paid plan. So much for being “free.” 

Problems with Usability 

Zoho uses AJAX software, which confuses many of its users. When using Zoho, the app doesn’t act or respond in many traditional password management platforms. When you click the “back” button, you’re not redirected to the previous page, creating chaos for many Zoho users. 

Importing Contacts 

If you’re interested in using social media to import your contacts, you’re out of luck. The only way you can import your contract’s information is by building your client details using Zoho’s built-in mail feature. 

Lack of Custom Fields 

If you require more than 150 custom fields per module, Zoho won’t be much help. You’ll need to increase the limit, which can be a frustrating hassle. 

Issues with Campaign Management 

Managing your campaign is not as easy as you may have been hoping. The campaign management tools provided by Zoho are complicated to use and slow, making them ineffective. You’ll experience issues importing leads from your social media platforms, hindering your campaign efforts. 

Product Portfolio 

Although Zoho offers a diverse product portfolio, you won’t find the variety of product integration features that are present with other password management platforms, such as TeamPassword. 

Customer Support 

Response time from customer support is essential, especially when you have an urgent issue. Zoho’s customer support response time is slow, especially when you’re seeking help with the desktop application. 

Only Suitable for Specific Businesses 

Zoho is geared toward small and medium-sized businesses. If you operate and maintain a large company, you likely have complex business processes, which Zoho isn’t capable of handling. You’ll have to find an alternative to Zoho. 


The Zoho CRM software has a lot of competition, which means other password management platforms are potentially better. 

Why Team Password? 

You have a plethora of password management platforms, so what makes TeamPassword great? TeamPassword is your simple solution for secure team password management. Give your team peace of mind with collaborating. There's also a TeamPassword free trial; you can sign up to check out the different features and benefits.

What Are the Benefits and Features of TeamPassword? 

There are a variety of benefits and features that TeamPassword provides.


TeamPassword gives you password management access everywhere, including: 

  • Your desktop 
  • The web 
  • Mobile devices 
  • Your laptop 

In addition to these features, access the click and go feature using the TeamPassword extension that’s available or Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. 


The passwords your team needs to access sensitive data and other information are in one place. You can easily and quickly share passwords and login information with team members, external collaborators, and everyone else! 

Multiple Team Support 

Whether you need to manage multiple teams or have many clients, TeamPassword allows you to use your account to access all of your passwords in one location. Storing your passwords in one location makes you a password management pro. 

Extensive Security 

Suppose you need to generate a new password for a shared or private login; no worries! TeamPassword has a built-in password generator that creates strong, random, and secure passwords in seconds. In addition to creating strong and secure passwords, TeamPassword features two-step verification that provides an additional layer of security. Two-step verification requires you to use a Google Authenticator code in addition to providing your password. If you get locked out of your account, you can generate unique backup codes to regain access to your account. 


Keep an eye on your team’s activity using TeamPassword’s activity and logging feature. You don’t have to worry about sending multiple chats and emails asking about login activity. With this activity and login feature, you can see the logins your team uses, which logins are inactive, and when shared logins are updating. 

Email Notifications 

Never miss team activity by using email notifications. Receive instant emails when a login is detected, a group is added to the team, and when a team member joins, is invited, or removed. 

Secure Encryption Technology

TeamPassword’s security features give you peace of mind. When you share logins with TeamPassword, your sensitive data is hashed, salted, and encrypted on your computer using an encrypted connection. 

Here at TeamPassword, we understand your need for secure passwords, security, and accessibility. Our platform is easy to use and provides the most secure way to store and share your login and password information. Experience peace of mind with a TeamPassword free trial today! 

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