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Prepare for a Future with Freelancers

December 14, 20214 min read


Do you have to store client passwords? Of course, you do! The need to share login information is a reality of the modern workplace regardless of industry. As more companies move to flexible or fully remote work environments the tension between security and the ease of sharing passwords within a team is a growing concern. But why should you have to choose between the two? TeamPassword doesn’t think you should! That’s why we’ve created and continue to improve our password manager: one that is easy to use, flexible, and secure.

Freelancer Flexibility for Future Growth

The shift towards hiring external talent was already underway before Covid, but the pandemic has increased the trend at a startling rate. A recent Forbes article by Senior Contributor Edward Segal outlines the trend, breaking down results from a study by Upwork. This study shows that there was a 22% increase in the use of freelancers from 2019 to 2020, and their use isn’t slowing down! Many employees prefer the flexibility and individual control that freelance work brings. As many as 20% of employees could become freelance workers. This dramatic change means that companies need to start rethinking their workflow and prepare to utilize independent talent and freelancers. If they don’t, Forbes suggests that companies will miss out on some of the most highly skilled professionals. 

Save Time - Securely

TeamPassword makes it easy for account managers to add and remove freelancers to teams or projects. No more unsecure spreadsheets or trying to track down the account holder to get the login information that you need now. A recent survey of our customers suggests that the average worker spends 7 hours a month logging in to accounts - 7 hours! - that’s almost a full day’s work. TeamPassword reduces the friction between team members to give everyone on the team access to the accounts they need, when they need them.

To better understand how we do it, check out some of the blog articles below. TeamPassword regularly releases important, relevant information about how your employees can work on teams securely and with ease. Here are some headlines and summaries of recent posts.

Build Client Trust! - How to store client social media passwords correctly

Onboarding clients safely isn’t just about legal compliance - it’s about building trust. That's why you need to learn how to store client social media passwords correctly. If your customers know they’re in safe hands, then they’re less likely to look elsewhere. TeamPassword’s minimalist UI makes it easy for your clients to navigate and enter the required information, while keeping their information protected within our secure environment.

Get Creative! - Sharing Adobe Cloud credentials with teammates

Adobe is at the heart of most businesses, especially creative agencies. But for small businesses or cash-strapped startups, their robust tools can be cost-prohibitive. Please note that sharing Adobe credentials is against the company’s terms of use. This article provides an overview of some of the most used Adobe tools and ways in which your employees can share Adobe Cloud credentials with teammates.

Engaging in Safe Online Communities - Sharing social media credentials with teammates

Social media is a pillar of modern marketing strategy. It is essential to promote your brand and engage with your social media community. Often, campaigns require sharing social media credentials with teammates. However, social media accounts are also high-risk digital assets that could be valuable targets for attackers. Password reuse or unsafe password sharing practices can lead to catastrophic consequences for you and your business. TeamPassword can protect those logins while giving an entire team access to the account.

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Enhance your password security

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