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Password Manager with 2FA

Password Manager with 2FA

July 6, 20215 min read

Password Management

Password management is a priority in the modern digital world, where users operate from multiple locations and devices. Traditional user credentials include single-factor authentication involving a password or passcode. However, advanced hackers have turned to sophisticated attack methods that require additional security measures such as 2FA (two-factor authentication).

In most cases, 2FA provides credentials with an additional layer of security that tags to a personal device or application such as tablets, laptops, or emails. The privacy of these platforms and channels supports the delivery of a one-time password (OTP) required during a login. Therefore, a 2FA configuration can significantly reduce the threats of a password hack.  

Team Password’s dedicated password manager features 2FA functions that enhance password storage security. Sign up for a trial today to provide your credentials with optimal protection. 

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Why Implement 2FA?

User passwords require proper management at all times, as modern malicious parties tend to target login credentials as a common attack vector. 2FA can help deter brute force or dictionary attacks that prey on vulnerable accounts and networks. Additionally, as more organizations adopt remote working arrangements, 2FA can help reduce the risks of password breaches from untrusted sources. 

Single authentication passwords have been the most popular form of account security due to their easy implementation, low cost, and accessibility. However, malicious external parties may effortlessly infiltrate a single authentication password with adequate time, expertise, and resources. 

Additionally, knowledge factor-based passwords are constantly vulnerable to multiple risks such as insider threats, social engineering, phishing, and leveraged idle devices. Uninformed or untrained users may expose passwords and sensitive information when least expected, leading to devastating consequences. 

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The Concept Behind 2FA

2FA passwords involve a primary authentication factor (i.e., password or passcode) and a secondary factor. Secondary factors are available in various forms, improving overall security - comparable to a double lock system. Two-factor authentication factors may include:

Possession factor - an authentication method tagged to a personal belonging, such as security tokens, laptops, emails, and mobile phones. 

Knowledge factor -a conventional password or passcode combination based on memory/knowledge. 

Inherence/biometric factor - an advanced authentication factor inherent in the user, such as fingerprints, retina shape, or facial and voice recognition. 

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2FA in Action  

2FA passwords work similarly to single authentication logins, with additional steps. Users begin by logging onto an account, where they receive prompts to key in a unique combination (knowledge factor). 

Upon a successful password/passcode match, users are required to key in an OTP delivered to a device or email address registered with an account. Users need to type in an OTP within an allocated time frame, or they will need to generate a new code. 

In some scenarios, websites and applications may generate a unique security key processed by an authentication tool, which validates user access. The process translates to a push notification where owners can quickly view the login details to approve or reject access.  

Regardless of a push notification or manual login, applications, websites, or devices grant user access upon fulfilling both authentication steps.  

2FA is an effective measure for reused or old passwords that are vulnerable to an account breach. A 2FA-enabled password remains inaccessible to malicious parties in the event of a breached combination. TeamPassword’s dedicated password manager helps users remember their passwords, expediting frequent password changes to deter opportunistic cyber-attacks. 

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Going Beyond 2FA 

Although 2FA passwords may provide a significant boost to single-factor password security, they still draw some concerns. For example, its multi-level process requires additional time for setup and login. Additionally, experienced hackers may hijack one-time passwords in email and SMSes. 

In some cases, 2FA passwords may depend on a specific proprietor program or hardware. In such cases, a server malfunction or downtime may lead to delayed or disrupted two-factor authentication logins. 

Alternatively, TeamPassword’s dedicated password manager with two-factor authentication can help users maintain optimal security for credentials across all devices and channels. Begin a trial now to keep your passwords secure with 2FA without the usual limitations. 

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TeamPassword - Comprehensive Password Management 

TeamPassword provides dedicated password managers that enable users to monitor and optimize multiple credentials with a master password. Two-factor authentication is one of the many features integrated within the TeamPassword solution, providing users with real-time surveillance and peace of mind throughout their login activities. 

Backup Codes - Users who lack access to their registered devices for OTP may opt to use a series of backup codes for login. These codes should be printed and stored in a secure location. However, these codes should always be a last resort, as they come with the risks of physical storage methods.

Password Generator - TeamPassword provides users with a highly convenient password generator that creates complex combinations easily stored and applied when required. 

Transparent Audits/Activity Logging- Our dedicated password manager empowers account admins with an intuitive system that immediately notifies them of the changes and movements in login activities. Users will be instantly alerted to the slightest discrepancies in password management and have the information to respond quickly to identified risks. 

Constantly updated Software - TeamPassword upholds the highest password security standards through consistent program updates, patches, and account vulnerability sweeps. The proactive process provides password owners with the tools and features necessary in keeping up with the rapidly evolving methods of cybercriminals. 

With TeamPassword, users can look forward to password protection that exceeds 2FA standards. That’s why it remains one of the best password managers that professionals and organizations can trust with their most valuable logins. 

TeamPassword equips users with comprehensive password management technology required to deter the most sophisticated cyber-attacks. Sign up for a trial today to upgrade your password security practices to minimize the vulnerabilities of your precious credentials. 

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