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TeamPassword for Every Department

TeamPassword is built for and because of teams. We help teams of all shapes and sizes save time and money by eliminating the need to constantly search for passwords in order to access the daily apps and tools you need to get your job done. Local teams, international teams, old teams, new teams -- get the whole company on board. From digital nomads to startups to growing agencies, TeamPassword works for teams on all levels.

Cash Incentives: Customer Referral Program

Get rewarded for referring clients, colleagues, friends (and even frenemies) to TeamPassword. We all know a few friends who could use a little extra time, organization and productivity in their day. Colleagues who could be more organized. TeamPassword might be just what they need!

Onboarding New Employees

A password manager that helps streamline the onboarding process for new employees? Yes, TeamPassword has you covered there too! Our password management software was designed to help you and your teams work more efficiently in all areas of your office life--and that includes cutting downtime during new employee training. It's ...

Sharing Passwords for Fun

Companies use a shared password manager like TeamPassword every day for mission-critical logins: those essential tools and apps that keep the business functioning at its highest potential. But they're also sharing logins that make the office run smoother, improve employee morale and make it easier for their teams to collaborate and spend time (and eat) together-- proving that team password management isn't just for the boring stuff anymore!

Take a Break with Our Top Marketing Tools Word Search

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Here at TeamPassword we help over 14,000 customers worldwide securely manage their passwords and keep their businesses functioning at the highest level. This customer database provides a unique insight into the popular tools, apps, and systems that top marketers, startups, and tech giants rely on to keep their projects moving ...

Why All Businesses Should Use A Team Password Manager

Today, doing business means having dozens of online accounts and dozens (or even hundreds) of passwords. Poor password management can cost your business time, money, and countless headaches. Every business should have a password vault. A secure password manager, like , that makes it easy to collaborate and share ...

TeamsID and Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work TeamsID logo
Are you one of the millions of businesses or organizations that use Google Apps for Work? Good news -- the new TeamsID Google App enables you to extend the power of Google Apps and make sharing passwords easy and safe for everyone in your business. If you're a Google Apps ...

Tom's Tales #6 The One Where Tom Fires a Disgruntled Employee

Tom2Meet Tom. Tom works at Acme Consulting, a 25-person company. As the senior "tech guy" at Acme, Tom wears a number of hats, including having responsibility for IT and security. Tom tries his best to protect his company, but he's got his share of problems (and his colleagues don't always help out), as we'll see in our ongoing series Tom's Tales.... Tom is asked to suddenly lay off an IT employee whose terrible work ethic has cost the company business from two clients. Upon hearing he'll be fired, the employee looks in the company's password directory and tries to make large, unnecessary purchases in Tom's name in an attempt to bring Tom down with him. Here's what happened and how Tom reacted to the whole situation. Toms tale 6