A person typing the keyboard of a laptop in a table with a cup

TeamPassword: Growing the team

A person typing the keyboard of a laptop in a table with a cup

This is Terence, the Director of Operations of TeamPassword. Right now, more than ever, cybersecurity is critical for small businesses.

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines about SolarWinds, Kaseya, Microsoft Exchange, and others. That’s terrifying, right? And worse, cyberattacks are likely to cause your business to fail - 60% of small companies go out of business within 12 months of a cybersecurity attack or breach.

Protecting you against cybercrime is what we live for. Every day we come to work and do the hard work to keep TeamPassword secure from attacks and working smoothly. We are continually working to improve the application and deliver you a fantastic experience. 

This is why we are growing the team.

I joined TeamPassword in May after four years at Google. I worked with Google’s internal cybersecurity Red Team but decided I wanted to join a startup and work on cybersecurity from the point of view of small companies. I’ve been the Director of Operations for the last four months and have really enjoyed getting to know some of you. I look forward to continuing to serve you at TeamPassword. Say hi on LinkedIn! :)

We need to bring in the best talent so we can tackle the cybersecurity problems being thrown at us every day. This is why we hired a new senior developer, Matthew Chigira. He comes to us from UXPin with a strong background in SaaS software development. He has jumped straight into the business application and is hard at work investigating and fixing some of the more thorny issues in the application. I'm certain you will notice the difference in the months to come.

Additionally, we need to ensure you can get the help when you need it. We’ve also hired Jordyn Rivas to join our customer support and success team. In the months to come, you might find her on Intercom, on video calls, and in TeamPassword’s how-to videos. This is part of our larger dedication to improve customer service wait times and improve overall customer service.

Protecting you against cybercrime is what we live for. Here at TeamPassword, we’ve been busy hiring the best people we can get to ensure your data is secure and accessible. 

- Terence, Director of Operations

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