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username ideas

Password Management

October 24, 202311 min read

How to Make a Good Username | Create a Unique and Secure Username

See the best way to come up with a new username. We break down types of usernames, why secure usernames are important, and how to create them effectively!

A person with tattoos logging in to Google on their laptop

Password Management

August 6, 20235 min read

Is Google Sheets Secure | Dangers of Storing Sensitive Data

We love Google. But there are three main areas of concern when Google Sheets becomes the sole keeper ...

Password Management

November 24, 20228 min read

How to Avoid Black Friday and Cyber Monday Scams

Follow these simple cybersecurity tips to shop with a little more peace of mind this Black Friday and ...

Password Management

August 25, 20227 min read

Password Best Practices: What Makes a Strong Password?

Passwords are something nearly all of us use daily. Whether logging into our computers, email accounts, social media ...

Teaching A Team About Cybersecurity


April 6, 20225 min read

Cybersecurity: The Most Important Topic Your Team Can Learn About This Year

It's the 21st century. Our data is online, and hackers are constantly improving their craft. It's never been ...

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