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username ideas

Password Management

October 24, 202311 min read

How to Make a Good Username | Create a Unique and Secure Username

See the best way to come up with a new username. We break down types of usernames, why secure usernames are important, and how to create them effectively!

Password Management

January 24, 20234 min read

Checklist — How to Hacker-Proof Your Passwords

By now, we all know that hacking is no joke . Your identity can be taken in a ...

Password Management

October 3, 20195 min read

Are Hackers Really Trying to Steal Your Password?

TeamPassword's founder Brian Sierakowski walks through the ways hackers steal passwords and what you can do to stay ...

Product Information

September 18, 20191 min read

Time to Celebrate! TeamPassword Reaches 2.5 Million Shared Logins!

Last year, we reached a milestone that we could barely wrap our minds around — 1,000,000 shared logins ...

Password Management

June 6, 20192 min read

How to Make a Secure Password

What’s the best way to make a password? The best way to make a password is to randomly ...

Password Manager

Password Management

May 30, 20194 min read

Debunking Password Manager Myths and Misconceptions

Over the years I've spent working for TeamPassword , I've heard quite a few incorrect assumptions about password ...

friends gathered around a computer

Product Information

December 12, 20185 min read

Don’t Hold Back: Tell Us What You Really Think about TeamPassword

TeamPassword has evolved thanks to the feedback — good and bad — that we get from our users. ...

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