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How to Make a Secure Password

June 6, 20192 min read

Password Management

What’s the best way to make a password?

The best way to make a password is to randomly generate it and save it into your favorite password manager. The reason this is a good idea is because your passwords are constantly at risk of getting leaked by the company you trust to protect them, so if the password you used for Yahoo in 2013 was the same password you used for your email or your bank, you’d be in pretty big trouble!

Unique, complicated and randomized passwords are best.

Next to using a password manager, the next thing I’d recommend is using some sort of pattern for the service you’re using. For example, you could create a pattern like [website name][special character][first name][numbers].

So, if your name is Mary and you want to create a Twitter password, you could create a password like “Twitter$$$Mary9987,” and if you wanted a password for Facebook it’d be “Facebook$$$Mary9987.” This is way worse than using a randomized password, but, it’s way better than just reusing a weak password like “rover123” on every service.

Finally, length is really important for security, the longer a password is the harder it would be for someone to either guess or derive from some fancy math, so adding a long random selection of letters and/or numbers to your password can help, something like “nmjkioNMJKIO,” which is just a collection of upper and lowercase characters in a pattern up that section of your keyboard, but adds an extra 12 characters to your length, which isn’t bad for something that’s easy to remember and fast to type.

Ultimately, a randomized password generated from a manager like TeamPassword is the best option to keep your passwords secure.

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Enhance your password security

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