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What is a Password Generator?

October 8, 20234 min read

Password Management

A password generator is a tool that generates a random combination of numbers, letters, and symbols to be used as a password. Password generators let you exclude or include certain characters, allowing you to customize the password complexity to your needs. 

Password generators are a fast and convenient way to generate secure passwords. Password managers typically include built-in password generators so you can create a secure password on the fly when signing up for a new account (or updating an old one). 

Some password generators allow you to create passphrases, which are passwords that use words instead of fully random characters. Passphrases are easier to remember while still being very secure, assuming they're long enough. 

Why should I Use a Password Generator?

The most common way for cybercriminals to hack accounts is guessing the password. They use programs that can try hundreds of passwords per second. Simple, common passwords are breached almost instantly.

One part of the solution is to use strong passwords to protect your information (you should also enable MFA). Password generators help you create strong passwords with a click and store them in a password manager. 

How do password generators work?

What Makes a Great Password Generator?

A great password generator:

  • Creates secure passwords
  • Allows you to customize complexity and length
  • Tells you how secure your passwords are

You don't need to pay for a password generator. I recommend our free password generator, which lets you customize complexity and length. With the strength checker, you can test passwords and passphrases to make sure they're secure.


Too short and predictable!

Do you need a password generator to create secure passwords?

You are not required to use a password generator to create secure passwords. In theory, you could mash the keyboard to get a random mix of letters, numbers, and symbols; chances are accidentally activate a shortcut.

If you need to remember the password, I recommend creating a passphrase that is unique to you. Then, test it using the password generator strength test. 

Password generators are typically used in combination with a manager to make creating and storing password convenient and secure. 

You should use a password generator if:

  • You are creating passwords for tens or hundreds of accounts
  • You are using a password manager with a built-in password generator
  • Security is of paramount concern, and you need 20+ character, complex passwords

You might not want to use a password generator if:

  • You are creating a passphrase to commit to memory that is personal to you

This can be done by combining things such as a license plate number, your wedding anniversary date, your favorite movie and the author of your favorite book. Mix in a few special characters, and you'll easily have a 30+ character password that will takes centuries to crack with today's technology.

How to use a password generator

Using a password generator is easy. 

If your password manager has a built-in generator, just click 'generate' and set the parameters to your liking. 


With online password managers, copy the generated password and paste it into the account you're creating. 

Important: when copy-pasting passwords, clear your clipboard afterward. Instructions for Windows can be found here. If clipboard history is off, you can copy something else to clear the password from your clipboard. The same applies to Macs. 

Never forget a password with TeamPassword

Passwords are the first defense mechanism from online criminals trying to access your sensitive data. Always aim at making things difficult for them by using strong, unique passwords.

TeamPassword was designed for businesses who share passwords. It has a built-in password generator - no excuses for using weak passwords! It's one of the easiest password managers to use, while offering industry-standard AES 256-bit vault encryption (see our security page here). 

We offer a 14-day free trial

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