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Why Password Management Matters More When Returning

Why Password Management Matters More Post COVID

April 20, 20214 min read

Password Management

As remote teams go back to the office, employers are giving the work-from-home model the pink slip. The COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out, and WFH is rolling back, and it's taking Zoom, procrastination, and snack temptation with it. There goes the constant interruptions, lack of tech support, and, for some, chronic loneliness. Unfortunately, here comes an increased risk to password security. 

The majority of employers will encourage but not require teams to return to the workplace, and the road from work-from-home to work-from-office will be a twisty one. Not all employees will want to go back to work, at least not for a while, while others will adopt a hybrid working model, which combines the best of both worlds.

Whatever happens, employers should reconsider password security post-COVID. The number of stolen passwords has risen since the pandemic began, with heartless hackers using the virus as a ruse to trick employees into handing over personal information — and that includes business logins. 

As you embrace teams back into the office, there's never been a more critical time to beef up password management.

TeamPassword is the No.1 password management for teams. With superior security features like encryption, two-factor authentication, and a randomized password generator, you can protect team logins from hackers.

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Password Management When Remote Employees Return to Work

Employers have hundreds of things to do before workers show up at the office, from retraining workers to making workplaces COVID-secure. So password management is often at the back of their minds. It shouldn't be. 

Some teams have worked from home for well over a year, and with that comes scores of forgotten passwords for office-based systems and software. Seeing that 78 percent of people misremember passwords at the best of times, there could be a 'password pandemic' that slows down performance and productivity in your workplace. 

Then there are those employees who bring their own devices to work, many of whom will leave their passwords at home — numbers and digits scribbled on scraps of paper and Post-it notes stuck to the fridge. 

TeamPassword makes password management simple for at-office, semi-remote, and remote teams everywhere. Keep projects moving. Protect your most valuable assets. Learn more.

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What's the Solution?

A password manager is the most sensible solution for returning workers. It allows teams to keep credentials in one secure space and access logins from the first Monday morning back in the office. There's no risk of workers being "locked out" of systems and software because these tools sync and store passwords virtually, which keeps projects moving.

Not all password managers cater to teams. Some free tools won't let employees sync passwords across multiple devices. Other tools store a limited number of passwords. Investing in TeamPassword, the password manager built for businesses like yours, improves collaboration and communication between workers for life after lockdown. 

How to Improve Password Security When Employees Go Back to the Office

There are security benefits that come with using a team password manager like TeamPassword. Hackers are likely to prey on vulnerable teams as they adjust to the at-office working model after many months, potentially exposing your company's most sensitive information. If you keep passwords in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document, it only increases the chances of a breach.

TeamPassword takes security seriously, with an ever-growing suite of safety features that protects credentials for shared accounts:

  • TeamPassword's hosting provider adheres to world-class security standards like SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI Level 1, FISMA Moderate, ISO 27001, and more. 
  • A randomized password generator. (Teams will no longer have to remember passwords!)
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Vulnerability sweeps.
  • Audit logging.
  • Local encryption. 

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Final Word

As remote teams uninstall Zoom and head back to the workplace, employers should think about password management again. With increased cybersecurity risks and forgotten passwords for office-based systems, the transition from WFH to work-from-the-office could make teams vulnerable to a data breach. Using a password manager like TeamPassword not only optimizes security but improves productivity and performance as remote workers go back to the office.

TeamPassword is the password management solution for teams during and beyond the pandemic. It's the easiest way to store and safeguard shared credentials. Get TeamPassword now.

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