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The Case for Passphrases

A good passphrase consisting of several words with spaces or dashes in between (like "Garage-city-park-where" or "eat cake every eighth") is stronger than most gobbledygook passwords that have lots of random characters, and passphrases offer the very meaningful advantage of being far easier to remember for real human beings.

Password or [email protected]?

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With the ever-changing landscape of internet-based accounts, creating and managing passwords has become a tedious task that no one enjoys undertaking. You’ll spend minutes thinking of a unique password that no one will guess, yet you’ll immediately be able to recall it when needed.

Five Bad Password Habits to Break Immediately

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The average “bad habit” isn’t normally a huge deal. We all have them: letting emails pile up in the inbox, eating fast food for lunch, leaving dishes in the sink. But when it comes to managing your passwords, getting into a bad pattern can cost you and your business serious ...

Ponemon’s State of Password Security Recap

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Security breaches have become alarmingly common — both at home and in the workplace. Despite the rise of two-factor authentication and constant horror stories in the media, many people still have poor password hygiene and remain at risk for these kinds of attacks.

Are your passwords hacker-proof? A checklist to help you decide.

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By now we all know that hacking is no joke. Your identity can be taken in a matter of seconds-- and with it, all your personal and financial information. A corporate cyber attack can be devastating but large corporations usually have their own security teams to help get their systems back online. Review this checklist to decide whether your passwords are strong enough to keep out hackers.