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My password management interview with CIOReview

October 13, 20154 min read

Last week I was interviewed by CIOReview for a profile of TeamsID that will appear in an upcoming issue. In the meantime, though, I thought I'd share the full transcript of the interview. Here are their questions and my answers.

CIOReview: Could you give us a brief snapshot of your company since its inception and talk about its growth over the years?

Morgan: "Our parent company, SplashData, has been a leader in password management and security since it was founded in 2000. We grew rapidly over the years, serving over 1 million people with our personal password manager, SplashID. Over the past three years, we have worked with more and more CIO's and IT executives to help implement password management and security solutions for their businesses. Out of that work has come a new service we have launched called TeamsID. TeamsID is a fresh approach to password management designed for the way today's growing businesses operate. TeamsID is a snap to implement, it integrates with Google Apps for Work, and it delivers real and immediate productivity and security benefits for both employees and for IT administrators."

CIOReview: What are some of the challenges the CIOs of leading companies face while using the Productivity Tools arena. Also, how does TeamsID effectively address those challenges?

Morgan: "Some of the more important challenges CIO's are facing include greater dependence on smartphones and tablets, multiplying business locations, a growing percentage of employees working remotely, and security issues related to how employees manage and share records, especially temporary workers and workers who leave an organization still knowing passwords or other company secrets.

TeamsID was developed from the ground up to tackle these kinds of concerns -- it's designed around mobility, flexibility, and ease of granting and revoking permissions."

CIOReview: What are the major trends you feel that are affecting the enterprise productivity tools arena and how do you incorporate these changes into your solutions?

Morgan: "Many of our customers are moving toward managed environments for business applications like Google Apps for Work and Salesforce's App Cloud. We've designed TeamsID for these solutions out of the gate rather than bolting something onto a legacy product."

CIOReview: How does TeamsID increase security and productivity by enabling employees, a department, a team, or a company to manage, update, and share passwords and other critical records? How does TeamsID increase productivity of IT and employees centrally and securely?

Morgan: "Our clients tend to come on board with a real hodgepodge of methods for internally managing and communicating passwords, server settings, device ID's, and other sensitive data. Even in cases where there is a Single Sign On (SSO) system in place (which we work with rather than compete against), the SSO system tends not to cover all the different needs all employees have, especially for personal information, online access to employee benefit type sites, and really anything that's not a corporate web app. TeamsID simplifies and streamlines everything from an IT admin perspective, allowing the admin to make sure only the right people have access to the right logins and other records, and everything is monitored."

CIOReview: Could you mention one or two examples of how SplashData has enabled its clients to overcome challenges and attain desired outcomes with its solutions?

Morgan: "We really do deliver an array of solutions to an even greater variety of organizations. We have large enterprise clients like Adobe that have deployed our apps to employees worldwide, we have government clients like the US Department of Energy that are focused on making a key working group more productive and secure, and we have small clients like SPARC International that want an easy cloud managed solution for just a handful of users but in different locations around the globe."

CIOReview: Even the most competent of organizations tend to face market competition. What are the strategies employed by SplashData to thwart this competition, what according to you are the company's key differentiating factors?

Morgan: "There are certainly a number of competitors in password management, but we tend to do well when decision-makers realize TeamsID offers deployment flexibility in the cloud or on premises, integration with Google Apps for Work, fast and personal service, and a low total cost for implementation and service -- all in, TeamsID can be implemented for $3 per user per month."

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