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LastPass Review

LastPass Review

July 13, 20215 min read

Password Management

Managing tons of different passwords can be a hassle, primarily when your business uses multiple passwords for different platforms. The good news is there is password management software that helps make encrypting your passwords easier and safer. Test drive TeamPassword with a free trial!


If you've been searching for password management solutions for your business, you've likely come across LastPass. LastPass is a password management solution that stores your online passwords.

Pros and Cons of LastPass

This software as a service (SaaS) has pros and cons that all users need to understand.


Supports Multiple Browsers

LastPass supports many popular browsers, allowing you to integrate this software with your preferred browser for additional functionality and security. With multiple browser support, you can use different browsers and maintain your security settings and features.

Having the Necessary Tools

You have access to password strength reports and dark web monitoring tools that allow you to keep track of and maintain your passwords. You can also improve your passwords to make them stronger.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication gives you additional security for all of your password storage needs. This type of authentication factoring uses a combination of your password and another verification source, such as text codes to your phone or a different device using an authenticator app.


Out-of-Date Options

You may run into issues when you're trying to use some of the components of LastPass because the components list features out-of-date details, leaving you exposed to cybercriminals. These outdated software components prevent you from accessing improved functionality, and it's a standard avenue hackers use to access sensitive information.

Ideal for Solo Users

LastPass is an ideal password management solution for solo users. When using this software for multiple users, such as for business purposes, LastPass falls short, leaving your business without the password security essentials.

Not Intended for Non-Technical Users

If you're not tech-savvy, you may have issues navigating this software and experiencing its full potential. The software can't be an asset to your business if you don't know how to use it.

User Limitations

LastPass has nice features, but they're limited to people who can use this software. Businesses need password management software that is user-friendly and provides essential security features that give business owners peace of mind, and again, LastPass falls short in this aspect.

A Solution for Password Management for Business

Businesses can now ditch their spreadsheets, gain peace of mind, share logins and passwords, and keep projects in motion with one password management software known as TeamPassword.

What is TeamPassword?

TeamPassword is password management software that allows businesses of all sizes in different industries to share their passwords safely while protecting their assets. 

What Are the Features of TeamPassword?

TeamPassword has a variety of features that everyone can use whether they are tech-savvy or not!


TeamPassword can be used with your browser of choice, including Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. You can manage your passwords and access them from anywhere, including your desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, giving you full control of your passwords wherever you are.

Sharing with Groups

Group sharing has never been easier. With TeamPassword, you can quickly share login information with external collaborators, a specific group of team members, or your entire team. When group members no longer need access to specific passwords, you can easily remove them. It's that simple!

One Password for Multiple Teams and Clients

It's common for you to belong to multiple teams, but managing the passwords for each client can become a frustrating hassle. No worries, TeamPassword has you covered by allowing you to access all of your passwords in one location. No more fumbling through papers to find a password you wrote down months ago or troubling yourself to create a new password if you forget your current password.

Unique Password Generator

What's better than a unique password generator? When you need to create a new password when you're setting things up for a new or shared login, you can do that with ease with the unique password generator. TeamPassword features a built-in unique password generator that provides you with random, secure passwords on the fly.

2-Step Verification

2-Step verification gives you an additional layer of security as well as peace of mind. You can request a temporary code using Google Authenticator in addition to your primary password to ensure your account remains secure. Even better, you can generate backup codes to ensure you never get locked out of your account. It's a win-win situation.

Logging and Activity

You can easily check to see who the last person was to sign in, and there's no need to send an email or a chat message. With TeamPassword's activity and logging feature, you can view which logins are being used and which ones aren't. You can also view when shared logins are updated.

Innovative Secure Encryption Technology

You never have to worry about your passwords getting into the wrong hands. The TeamPassword suite encrypts, salts, and hashes your login information, in addition to being transmitted over an encrypted connection. Feel free to go about business as you normally do without the headaches and frustration of password security.

Email Notifications

When important things happen, such as when a team member joins, is invited, or is removed, you get an email notification. Other email notifications include when a group is added to the team and when a login is deleted. You're always aware of what's going on, so you don't have to sit in front of your computer, refreshing your platform, or checking your emails numerous times a day waiting to communicate with team members regarding passwords.

Are you ready to take a test drive of TeamPassword? Sign up for your free trial today! Take your business management to new heights with your new password generator. Contact us today to learn more about our unique password generator and our other solutions.

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Enhance your password security

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