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July 11, 20183 min read

Product Information

In March, TeamPassword joined the Jungle Disk cybersecurity suite, bringing with it five years of experience solving password challenges in the era of web applications and software-as-a-service for small businesses. If you haven’t already explored our newest product addition, we want to introduce you and tell you why we’re so excited to add a solution to our suite that helps solve password management challenges.

Data breaches caused by weak or stolen passwords continue to be one of the greatest threats companies face. Based on numbers released in a study by Verizon in 2017, 81 percent of data breaches involve password hacking [PDF report]. We know how vital a password manager is to small business cybersecurity. By adding TeamPassword into our suite, we hope more companies will choose to eliminate the attack vector and speed up collaboration safely.

Your business relies on a number of cloud-based services to carry out daily operations, but the overwhelming number of associated passwords stifles productivity and wastes valuable time.

This is where TeamPassword excels.

TeamPassword was built for teams

The average TeamPassword user shares 147 passwords. For web designers, digital agencies and other firms responsible for managing both internal and client passwords, the numbers multiply quickly.

TeamPassword allows teams of all shapes and sizes to easily share access to documents, websites, and apps using its core Groups Feature. In just a few clicks, this feature allows you to onboard new employees and clients, grant and remove access to internal groups, and streamline processes with outside contractors. Browser extensions and Google Sign-In make the process even faster and setup is as simple as it gets.

Shared Values Means Added Protection For Your Business

Since joining Jungle Disk, the developers at TeamPassword have been hard at work making an already solid product even better. They’ve improved their failover server, added even more security, merged their support team and refined a few functions to improve the user experience. (We’ll tell you more about all those things in a following post!)

At Jungle Disk, we help our small business customers work smarter and safer by ensuring they have access to adequate data protection technologies and have best practices in place to protect themselves from cyber attacks. TeamPassword shares in our mission to keep customers safe while providing the added benefit of improved organization and efficiency.

We’re proud to offer our customers the best password management software in the game and look forward to hearing your feedback on how TeamPassword is helping your business stay on task.

Already envisioning how much easier this is going to make your work life? Give us a call — we’ll have you organizing and collaborating safely in no time!

Jungle Disk CEO Welcomes TeamPassword

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Enhance your password security

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