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Apple's M1 Macs are supported

TeamPassword supports Apple's M1 Macs!

January 12, 20215 min read

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TeamPassword offers simple and effective solutions to store and share passwords and team logins so that you can keep business projects moving and protect your assets. As we strive to expand our coverage, TeamPassword now supports the latest M1-powered Mac computers. In this article, we will discuss the security features of M1 chips and the major features of TeamPassword.

If you're looking to ensure password security for you and your Team, you should sign up for the free trial here.


M1 Security Enhancements

You may have heard the recent news that Apple’s Mac computers now come with the homemade M1 chip, severing its dependency on Intel and other chipmakers. Apple claimed that the M1 chip provides a wide range of benefits to users including faster speed, longer battery life, and no heating problems - all without increasing their price tag.

What’s also included are security features that you can find only on the M1 chip, which are features that you can't have in earlier non-M1 models.

Here are some of the M1 Security Enhancements:

System Integrity

The new M1 chip can verify the version of software installed on macOS during startup. It also constantly checks apps behind the scenes to ensure they are behaving as authorized by the OS. As it becomes part of the normal operating rhythm in Mac computers, malware or malicious websites have little chance to penetrate into and exploit your Mac.

Data Protection

The M1 chip provides default storage drive encryption. Furthermore, third-party app developers can utilize file-level encryption to protect critical data more securely while having no impact on system performance. It is a great improvement since security and performance previously didn’t go well together.

Built-in Security Features

Apple’s new chip has a built-in Secure Enclave that manages Touch ID and AES encryption hardware for SSD performance. Before M1, Intel-based Macs had a T2 chip that was responsible for security and other features on Mac. With M1, those security features are now embedded into the single chip, which gives you more efficiency.

These M1 security enhancements will allow users to have a secure environment without sacrificing performance. On top of these, with the TeamPassword's M1 support, you can manage your passwords with your teams more conveniently and securely.

A growing number of users benefit from the powerful features of TeamPassword, so check out the TeamPassword’s major features below and try our password solution.


Major Features of TeamPassword

Let’s find out what major features of TeamPassword you can enjoy with your new M1 Apple computers.


You can access and manage passwords from various sources including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. With the TeamPassword’s extension, you can use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to easily use your password and start working on your projects. After installing the extension, you can simply click your password on the extension menu to log in.


When you work alone, you won’t have a problem remembering and managing your passwords. But, what if you work in a team environment for a big project? It’s a totally different story since you will need a scalable solution.

Bad password management could mean jeopardizing your team and the project. When you work in multiple teams or work for many clients, TeamPassword allows you to manage all passwords with a single account. 

You can also share credentials with the whole or part of your teams and even with external clients. When new members come in or leave, you can add or remove certain users to your group.

Unique Password Generator

It is hard to come up with a strong password on your own. It needs creativity. Even if you make the first password successfully, you might have to rotate it with a new one regularly, which is a great security practice you should be adopting.

But, it is a headache. Especially when you check how the trend of passwords has been going recently, it would add even more complexity. To help you to get out of this struggle, TeamPassword provides the built-in unique password generator. With this tool, you can generate a secure password with a few simple clicks.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication provides an additional security layer to your login credentials. It is known that using MFA can block most of the automated login attempts from hackers. TeamPassword can be linked to Google Authenticator to generate code. After your master login, you’ll be prompted to provide an MFA code when MFA mode is enabled. You can also make backup codes to prevent you from being locked out.

Logging and Notifications

Using passwords conveniently and securely is not all that you get with TeamPassword. Other important features include logging and notifications. When someone is added to a login group, you will want to get notified to track the activities.

Also, TeamPassword informs you of which logins are being updated. With these features, you can closely monitor the behaviors of users and make them compliant.



We have learned the major security features of TeamPassword and the new M1 chips. Combined together, you can more securely manage your passwords and share them with your team members in multiple projects. At TeamPassword we provide the best software to generate and have your passwords managed correctly. If you would like to learn more about it, please sign on to the free 14-day trial today.

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