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3+ Billion Usernames and Passwords Dumped on the Dark Web. Are You Affected?

3+ Billion Usernames and Passwords Dumped on the Dark Web. Are You Affected?

2021-04-06T05:06:00.000Z4 min read


Hackers have dumped a mind-boggling 3.2 billion Gmail, Hotmail, Netflix, and LinkedIn usernames and passwords on the dark web. Cybersecurity experts have dubbed the record-setting data breach "the mother of all leaks." So what does it mean for you? Usernames and passwords for your accounts could be somewhere on the internet. And this is frankly terrifying. 

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What Happened?

A Lithuanian news website exposed the data dump in early February after discovering leaked login data on the dark web. This dump doesn't include any recently compromised credentials but historic usernames and passwords of email accounts, social media platforms, and streaming services from the last decade or so.

Still, the breach — officially called Breachcomp2.0 — is concerning. Only 20 percent of people use different passwords for different logins, while 11 percent never change their passwords at all. So it's pretty easy for hackers to use all this old information and compromise new accounts. 

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What Should You Do?

Unfortunately, information from this data leak has circulated across the dark web by now, and hackers might already have access to your past logins and passwords. But you can check whether hackers have compromised your data here. (This free tool also tells you whether hackers compromised your logins in other data breaches.)

Even if you're not affected, change logins for current accounts if you still use an old username and password. From now on, think up new login credentials for each of your accounts

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Prevent Hackers From Stealing Your Data

Using different logins and passwords for new accounts reduces a hacker's chances of stealing your personal information. But this is a challenge for most of us. The average person manages 90 online accounts for email, social media, banking, streaming, and other services. How can we possibly remember 90 separate usernames? And 90 passwords? If you share passwords with team members, things get even messier.

Using a team password manager makes more sense. TeamPassword is your go-to solution for team password management, with a broad range of features that keep shared credentials secure. 

  • Store team usernames and passwords in a secure vault, so you don't have to remember login data. You can access shared details whenever you like and wherever you are in the world. 
  • There's no need to keep team passwords in spreadsheets or write shared details on paper. Keeping login details in a safe space protects teams from data breaches and identity theft. 
  • There's no complicated installation or configuration. TeamPassword is easy to use and share with teams. 
  • Teams can quickly login to websites, apps, and other digital tools without looking for passwords, speeding up performance and productivity.

Are you looking for a team password management solution that prevents your login details from appearing on the dark web? TeamPassword is the password manager created exclusively for teams like yours. Learn more here

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Before You Go

The Breachcomp2.0 data dump is the largest of its kind, exposing 3.2 billion username-password combos on the dark web. This leak has many cybersecurity implications and affected individuals should change their login credentials immediately. In the future, prevent the damage from data breaches by using different logins for different online accounts. If you share details with team members, use a team password manager for extra security. 

Successful teams need successful password management solutions. TeamPassword is the password management tool for people that share login credentials with team members, providing enhanced security and scalability in the digital age. Get TeamPassword here

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