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Why Do I Need A Password Manager?

November 5, 20204 min read


At its simplest a password manager is a secure way to store your online passwords, but it does so much more than this. Here are ten ways a password manager can make your life easier and safer.

Different Every Time

Using a password manager removes the need to reuse passwords on multiple sites – something all too many people do for the sake of their sanity. Whenever a website’s password database is exposed online, the first thing many hackers do is check whether the same user credentials will work on other websites, often ones involving more sensitive account data. There’s no way most people can remember a different login for every site, but with a password manager it’s not an issue.

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A password manager can generate and remember secure passwords. That means longer passwords that use a mix of letters, numbers and symbols, avoiding recognisable words. In turn, anyone trying to “crack” the password will take exponentially longer to do so. They’ll also be unable to use a dictionary attack, which aims to shorten the process by trying words rather than random strings of characters. Don’t worry if a site has particular requirements about password length or character case: many password managers let you easily set the relevant criteria before they create a password.

Secure By Design

You get peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about the password manager provider being hacked. Most password manager provider are physically unable to access your password details because this is only possible with a master password which you set and which never leaves your device. This set-up is dubbed a zero knowledge approach because the operator literally doesn’t ever know your master password and so can never expose it.

Put Your Pens Down

As long as you can remember your master password, you don’t need to write any login credentials down, whether in a notebook, on a sticky note, or anywhere else. That means no worrying about burglars or nosy staff getting their hands on your details.

A Unique Approach

If you decide to choose your your own passwords, or you import existing details you’ve used over many years, it can be almost impossible to keep track of whether you’ve reused a password. A good password manager can warn you whenever you’ve got the same details for multiple sites and let you quickly change them.

Typing Turmoil Terminated

Once you’ve typed in your master password, you’ll never need to fill in login forms again. No more typing your email address over and over. No more fiddling about trying to figure out how to access symbols on a mobile device keyboard. No more trying to remember whether you used your name, a nickname or an email address for a particular site. And no more trying to figure out if you used an alternative email address for that sneaky second go at a free trial period.

Cards On The Table

Some password managers give you the option to store payment card details in a secure “wallet.” As long as you keep your master password completely secure, you get the benefit of automatically filling in forms so you can pay straight away, without the worry of your card number and security details being accessed by scammers.

No Phishing Allowed

A password manager has the added benefit of being an early warning sign for scam phishing sites. These look like popular web services and try to trick you into typing in your login details from the real thing. As the password manager won’t auto-fill on the rogue site, you’ll see a blank form and know straight away that something might be up.

A Timely Warning

Your chosen password manager may have a security alert feature. This will regularly check your passwords and the list of sites you use against public databases of leaked and stolen login details. It can then warn you if you need to change your password, often before the website concerned gets in touch with to sound the alarm.

Be The Boss

Business owners can use specialist password managers to control exactly what access staff have to enterprise services. You can make sure people working for you can get on with their job without constant requests for login details or reminders to change and reset credentials. On the flip side, you can dramatically reduce the opportunity and risk for corporate espionage or for departing staff to continue accessing your data or using your social media accounts.

Now you know why a password manager will make your life easier, it’s time to see why TeamPassword is your best option. Find out today by starting our free 14-day trial.

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