We are improving TeamPassword

We know you rely on us to keep your passwords safe and make them available when you need them. Last month I told you about how we’re growing both the customer support and software development teams. This has enabled us to start building and implementing new features and services on TeamPassword.


We are improving TeamPassword


Let’s dive into what we’re doing and how we’re improving TeamPassword:

We recently completed a major Stripe integration which improved the functionality of the application and speed of transactions. The new Stripe API helps us serve you better with fewer headaches from erroneous billing issues and fewer interruptions of service. 

We’ve improved logging and uptime monitoring. This helps us capture more errors on the application and will ensure we know what areas of the application need extra attention as we build out our development team in the coming months. 

We added a robust fraud and account take-over detection tool. Castle.io correlates a user’s devices and locations to spot suspicious behavior and will automatically suspend an account if it is believed to be compromised. These security measures might be overkill on some applications, but we think they are critical due to the sensitive information you keep in TeamPassword. 

We will be building and testing a new “Agency Plan'' which will include more flexible seats for freelancers or temporary employees. Our goal is to make sure everyone on your team has access to the passwords they need to complete the job. We think onboarding a Freelancer should be as easy as setting them up on TeamPassword. It will also make billing easier because fluctuations in the number of freelancers on your team won’t affect your total plan size. 

We’re busy improving TeamPassword to make it the best possible experience for you and your team. We think this is important, because it means you and your team can focus on the work that matters to make your company better.