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Top Five Mistakes When Sharing Passwords with Your Team

Top Five Mistakes When Sharing Passwords with Your Team

2021-04-27T14:00:00.000Z5 min read


Passwords have become a quintessential part of the modern digital workplace. However, the practice of sharing passwords come fraught with vulnerabilities that make companies susceptible to cyber breaches, identity theft, and confidentiality issues. You will need to ensure constant and reliable password protection with the proper measures, even when sharing them with the most trusted co-workers at the office.

Various problems may arise when sharing passwords, especially in smaller organizations that lack a robust cybersecurity infrastructure due to budget constraints. That’s where a password manager can come in to save your organization valuable time and provide advanced passwords that deter the most determined cyber attackers. 

TeamPassword’s password management solution can help avoid common mistakes when sharing passwords. Try a free trial today

Common Mistakes in Sharing Passwords #1 - Creating Simple Passwords

Simple passwords make it easier for malicious attackers to mimic and compromise. Common examples of such vulnerable passwords include “123456”, repeated numbers (e.g., 1111, 2222), and digits of personal value criminals can find with quick research across social media accounts. 

Organizations should change default passwords upon account creation and make immediate changes when employees leave a company. Former employee accounts may threaten an organization’s network if they fall into the wrong hands - an issue worsened with weak passwords. 

While some software and platforms require users to include a set of mandatory rules (e.g., capitalized letters and symbols) in their passwords, they may remain vulnerable to the most resourceful malicious parties. 

Common Mistakes in Sharing Passwords #2 - Storing Passwords in Plaintext

The plaintext is the unencrypted and vulnerable version of your files and documents. When you store your list of passwords in a word document on your workplace computer, it exists in plaintext format. A sophisticated malware invasion easily compromises Plaintext files and siphons the information to unauthorized third parties.  

TeamPassword’s advanced password manager tool keeps your passwords secure and encrypted, reducing the risks of data theft and cyber breaches.  

Common Mistakes in Sharing Passwords #3 - Applying the Same Password Everywhere

It is common for users to rely on a single password for every account login across multiple programs and devices. The practice reduces the risks of forgetting a password and getting locked out from a system with numerous failed attempts. However, this also means that a single compromised password may jeopardize every other account accessible by a user. 

Some users may choose to add numerical variations to the back of a password as an additional measure. Still, sophisticated actors can negate efforts with brute force attacks that try all possible combinations. Instead, before sharing passwords, users should stick to memorable but superficially meaningless strings of values, which should differ among platforms and devices. 

Common Mistakes in Sharing Passwords #4 - “Remembering Passwords”

The “remember my password” feature enables quick logins with minimal fuss. However, the shortcut feature may prove to be a severe security issue when sharing passwords at the workplace. A remembered password enables an unauthorized user to bypass an organization’s network security, resulting in compromised data from insider threats. 

Remembered passwords should only apply to personal devices and networks, and with the rise of home-based offices, manual key-ins should be a priority. Password managers can help users enhance the infrastructure of their smart homes and secure their IoT devices. 

Common Mistakes in Sharing Passwords #5 - Changing Passwords Frequently

Users should only change their passwords when they suspect a threat or compromised account. Frequent password changes with no good reason may lead to unforeseen account vulnerabilities. For example, users tend to stick to similar passwords when making the change, resulting in predictable transformations that malicious actors can easily detect and exploit.

Try TeamPassword’s password manager to discover how you can enhance your login security across all networks and devices. 

Sharing Passwords with TeamPassword’s Leading Solution

TeamPassword provides you and your team with the additional measures necessary when sharing your passwords. Our suite of services caters to your team’s specific needs and demands to minimize the risks of external threats. TeamPassword’s password manager generates long and unique passwords that organizations can safely share across teams. 

Password managers can eliminate the account management hassle by limiting to a single login and password combination. With a password manager, organizations can effectively share passwords among users and prevent unwanted access along the way. 

We provide password protection for teams of all sizes and backgrounds, ranging from solo digital nomads to full-fledged tech agencies. The TeamPassword solution avoids time-consuming onboarding to help your teams benefit from improved security without delay. Our password manager supports real-time access control to authenticate every login on your protected end-points while sharing passwords across teams. 

It’s time to replace those spreadsheets and outmoded first-gen solutions with a reliable system for your most precious credentials. Visit TeamPassword today to experience advanced and fuss-free password sharing for teams to focus on your business with peace of mind. Start today with the free trial.

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