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TeamsID Receives A Great User Experience Award

December 21, 20162 min read

FinancesOnline, an analytics platform and hub for B2B/SaaS software reviews, has recently prepared a thorough test of popular IT management software solutions. TeamsID was part of the test, and the result was a very positive TeamsID review.

After comparing and evaluating TeamsID's performance in a set of evaluations including different problem scenarios, FinancesOnline's experts decided to 'seal up' their positive opinion and awarded TeamsID two of their high profile SaaS awards. TeamsID was distinguished as one of the top 15 IT management software products reviewed. Our user-friendly interface and timely service made us the proud holders of the 2016 Great User Experience award, while the rapid expansion of our satisfied customer base was the reason we also received the Rising Star Award for 2016.

As FinancesOnline's experts put it in the review, simplicity means the world to a busy IT admin, and that's where TeamsID shines. What they liked the most is how TeamsID eliminates the need for technical expertise to manage passwords and other secure records, which was exactly what we had in mind when we were designing the service. Our plan was to deliver an all-in-one business password manager that works on all devices and doesn't require Internet connection, and as it turned out, we were thinking ahead of our time.

FinancesOnline's team was particularly impressed with our password reset system, and agreed that a single password hub managed by an organization admin was a great idea. They also appreciated our affordable pricing scheme and flexible deployment options.

Read the full review here.

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