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TeamPassword Keeps Getting Better and Better

July 18, 20183 min read

Product Information

TeamPassword’s founder, Brian Sierakowski moved from Baltimore to San Antonio to oversee the merge and help drive the next phase of TeamPassword’s evolution. Brian tells us what’s new since the company’s big move.

By now, I hope you’ve met the newest addition to the Jungle Disk suite. Since the acquisition in March, our developers have been working to make TeamPassword even safer and easier to use.

Over 39,000 customers already trust TeamPassword to help facilitate collaboration and share access with team members. These people understand the value of time savings — and how important it is to have strong passwords. We’re always working to make our product better and rely on customer feedback to help drive that evolution. Here’s a few upgrades we’ve made since joining Jungle Disk.

We’ve improved our failover server

In case our primary data center ever goes down, we have a live, read-only copy of TeamPassword running in a different data center. These servers and database are setup on an entirely different continent and are constantly updating their data based off of our main servers. So if the main server somehow gets cut (like during the 2015 Amazon outage), our failover zone will be up to date with your latest changes without someone at TeamPassword needing to restore a backup. Check it out here: failover.teampassword.com.

We’re always responding to customer feedback

TeamPassword is continually evolving to meet the needs of our users. Here are a few quality of life improvements we’ve made for customers, mostly things they’ve needed to contact customer support for in the past:

  • Account administrators can transfer ownership to someone else on the team.
  • Someone with a forgotten password can begin the recovery process themselves. (We can’t get you back into an account if you forget your master password, but you can remove your own account so an admin can invite you back in.)
  • Closed accounts can be reopened if the credit card on file expires.
  • The group management screen is much faster now, and supports teams that have long lists of groups and members … no more scrolling forever!

We’ve added even more security and improved support

We upgraded our content security policy (CSP). Basically this means if someone were to embed malicious code in your product, like in a shared login, the CSP will block data from going to any third party service. We also merged our support team over to the awesome folks at Jungle Disk. Now you can get all your questions answered in a phone call, chat or email!

We hit one million shared passwords!

This is a huge milestone for us and it couldn’t have come at a better time! We’re super proud of how far this little startup has come and happy to have won the trust of a loyal group of over 39,000 worldwide customers.

TeamPassword’s acquisition by Jungle Disk means we can offer our customers access to Jungle Disk’s full cybersecurity suite and customer support. We’re excited to be part of a team that’s as invested as we are in our mission to help small businesses thrive by protecting their most vulnerable assets.

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