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TeamPassword Celebrates a Year-Long Journey Through the Jungle

March 14, 20193 min read

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It’s TeamPassword’s one year anniversary with Jungle Disk! On March 1, 2018, Brian Sierakowski decided to move TeamPassword from Baltimore to San Antonio to join the mission to help small businesses with cybersecurity.

In 2012, Brian came up with a solution to the problem that so many businesses face — finding a simple way to share sensitive information like passwords among team members in a secure way. The result of solving that problem was TeamPassword. TeamPassword began in September 2012 at Startup Weekend in Baltimore, Maryland. Brian’s idea took first place of the 15 competing teams. TeamPassword distinguished itself from other password managers as premiere tool for sharing, managing access, and grouping sensitive information for small businesses who are desperate for security in the world of agile development, high turnover and rotating clientele. Brian’s product was a star. Therefore, it was natural for a high-growth data security company like Jungle Disk to court TeamPassword. In March of 2018, the acquisition was made.

As with any acquisition of a company, the transition from Baltimore to San Antonio included the expected challenges. Blending a newer company and its processes into an existing one can be difficult. Luckily, the vision of both companies’ leaders was similar enough to triumph the ups and downs of the acquisition. Both Brian and Bret Piatt, Jungle Disk CEO, are extremely passionate about improving the security of small businesses. Usually, only large companies had the luxury of investing in security and defending against cyber threats, but with the teaming up of Jungle Disk and TeamPassword, small businesses now have access to affordable and trustworthy cybersecurity solutions.

If you use TeamPassword or Jungle Disk, here is the part you can get excited about! (If you’re just learning about these brands, you can still get jazzed about our growth and progress). First, TeamPassword has grown in numbers since its acquisition. We now have a product manager, a UX designer and marketing team. The addition of a dedicated customer support team has brought us even closer to our valued customers. With our growing team, we’ve been able to build a TeamPassword mobile app (more details on the app coming soon!) with all the awesome sharing features that differentiate our product. We’ve also made it easier for people to transition from other password managers to ours with the addition of our LastPass Importer. As a result of the acquisition, business has grown 25%, and we plan on keeping up the momentum. We’ve had a fantastic time in our new home of San Antonio, and we’re excited to continue to tackle the problem of simply sharing sensitive information with team members in a secure way.

Thanks for joining us along the ride, and we look forward to many more successful years!

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