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Addressing Security Vulnerability Concerns for Businesses in 2017

July 18, 20173 min read

One of the great challenges in growing a business is in scaling every aspect of operations over the course of several months or years. Major issues like employment and cashflow stand out most, but what about day to day issues like data security and password management?

What works for a small startup with 5 employees won't cut it when you expand into your own building and hire you're 100th staffer. So there needs to be a strong system in place that ensures you aren't at risk of cyber-attack or data mismanagement. To help with this, we've developed a new tool that assesses your current vulnerability as a business.

Measuring Vulnerability in 2017

There are several factors that can influence whether your business is currently vulnerable to a cyber-attack. How attractive of a target you are to a data thief, current security precautions in place, the number of people currently engaging with your data, and the way it is managed and protected daily. Any one of these factors could be a risk for your business, so how do you assess what matters and what doesn't?

Our security vulnerability report evaluates several factors and provides a summary of how your company compares to others in the space, what you should be addressing, and what types of changes are going to be most effective in the short and long term. We ask questions about:

* Company size and revenue - How many people touch data, how much revenue flows through your business, and how big of a target might you be?

* Data volume - How many different pieces of sensitive data are managed in your office on a regular basis? This includes login records, passwords, and client information.

* Password management - What type of system are you currently using (if any) to manage your passwords? Are there repeated passwords, and how common are they?

* History of breach - Has your company been breached in the past? What kind of internet access do your employees use when out of the office, and how many devices do they use for work related business?

Each of these questions helps to assess different potential points of vulnerability for your company. When compiled, you can get a good, high level overview of what your company currently faces.

How to Address Increased Security Vulnerabilities

If you find that your business currently has many vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

* Password management systems are a low cost, easily implemented solution that scale with your business and reduce the risk of repeated passwords or low-quality passwords.

* Security checklists can help you to determine what specific actions you should be taking and whether there are unnecessary gaps or holes in your current IT systems.

* Regular audits and checkups as your business grows will allow you to take stock before you fall behind necessary protocols and issues arise.

The goal is to ensure your business is as actively engaged and up to date with cyber security best practices as possible, but within the context of your business's size, industry, and daily activities. You don't need the same level of protection as a Fortune 500 bank, but you also need a lot more than a mom and pop store with no digital records.

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