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Secure Company Passwords

Secure Company Passwords

June 22, 20215 min read


Cybersecurity is big business. Cyberthreats and breaches happen every day, which is why TeamPassword offers a free trial to show you how a comprehensive password manager can help your business with its password security needs. After all, basic security measures start with you and your team.

Many employees use the same passwords for their work accounts as those they’ve set up for their personal accounts. What’s most troubling about password security is that many people use the same or very similar passwords, even after they’ve experienced a scam. Just as bad, about 23 million Americans still use “123456” or another default password to access their accounts.

Companies may have hundreds, or even thousands, of passwords that employees use to secure and share data. It’s complicated, but that’s why TeamPassword makes it easy to secure your logins and lock down your passwords. We speed up the process of getting your team secure and in sync with your company’s projects and directives, no matter where they are.

Try securing your companies passwords with a free trial

Why Securing Your Company Passwords Is So Important 

Passwords are a line of defence between your company and the world of cyberthreats. With so much of your data now available via cloud computing, a hacker can access client files, financial records, customer data, employee files and even medical records. With this real and present threat, it’s more important than ever that you secure company passwords.

Most cybersecurity breaches (an estimated 81%) are due to weak or stolen passwords. Once you understand how vulnerable your passwords really are, the next logical step is to find out how to create strong and secure company passwords.

What Makes for a Great Password?

Most of us will agree that passwords like “123456” and default passwords are not secure, but you may not be sure what you should include in a good password. As a first step, look at your own passwords to check just how secure they are.

Think about why you chose the passwords and how long ago you created them. By extension, if your passwords are really that insecure and you're more aware of password security than most of your staff, what might that mean for the passwords that you are providing your organization?

It may be time to make a change. Here are a few quick tips that will help you and your team avoid crafting insecure company passwords.

Can You Guess It?

Take the guess test to see if the password is secure enough. You may have included common words and phrases, the local zip code, a project name or company-related terminology. If it’s easy for you to guess, you can bet that a hacker may figure it out as well. That's what they do.

Is It Personal?

Your passwords are probably not safe if you’ve used the names of your kids, your pets, important dates, your favourite colour, where you live or your favourite places. A hacker can find out that information with a few quick strokes of their keyboard. If you will use words when securing your company passwords, try a combination of unusual words and misspellings in combination with off-kilter capital letters, numbers and symbols.

Is It Long and Complex?

You can always rely on a random string of letters and numbers, but such a password won't always be easy to remember. There’s a lot of room for creativity if you use the maximum of 127 characters, which is allowed for the password field in some account access. It’s true that some accounts only allow 8-10 characters for the password field, but that still allows you to cobble together a complex series of characters for your secure company passwords.

Are You Managing Your Password Security?

A password manager will help you remember your secure company passwords, so you can quickly and easily access accounts without hassle or delay. TeamPassword offers a free trial to show you just how much a comprehensive password manager will help your team with its password security needs.

Is the Password Unique?

One of the most common ways to lapse in security is to use the same password for all logins related to an organization. While a single password may make it easier to remember, it would also be opening the gates of the entire enterprise to any hacker who gets access to one account.

When Did You Last Change It?

It’s important to use strong passwords, but you also need to change them regularly. These password changes should be something you schedule on your calendar and enforce across the company. You might even enforce password changes every 30 days across your employees via administrator privileges.

Do You Share It?

It may seem easier to just share the password for a single account across the organization, but that’s not the best way to ensure the security of your passwords. Encourage absolute password security practices by making it part of your company’s policies and procedures to keep and maintain security without sharing. 

Next Step: Having a look at TeamPassword

Securing your company passwords is such an essential part of your cybersecurity efforts. Still, it’s not always easy to control the complexity of the passwords that your team selects for network access. That’s why we offer a different (and better) password solution that takes the work out of your cybersecurity efforts.

Our Password Manager for teams ensures you have the most secure passwords and logins possible. We'll take care of protecting your company passwords, which frees you up from worrying about whether hackers are breaching your security with a bunch of misused characters in an insecure password. Test our solution for yourself with a free trial. You’ll see what a difference we can make for your success!

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Enhance your password security

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