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The Use of AI in Enterprise Cyber Security

July 6, 20174 min read

More than ever before, enterprise cyber security is top of mind for corporate executives. The increased incidence of cyber-attack in the form of ransomware, data theft, and social engineering became front page news thanks to massive global attacks that have crippled businesses for hours and days at a time.

So, it makes sense that artificial intelligence now plays an increasingly prominent role in combating these threats in enterprise settings. The increased availability of computing power, storage capabilities, and general access to technology means AI can start to develop more effective trend-lining predictions.

In cyber security, that means finding the weaknesses that hackers are taking advantage of more quickly. Human security will spend less time focusing on what the next major threat might be and more time focusing on creative defenses against future attacks.

The Limitations of AI in Enterprise Cyber Security

AI is programmed by human security professionals. It has the same knowledge and resources as the smartest individuals tasked with programming it. Machine learning has advanced substantially in recent years, but there is still some degree of reliance on the human component. That means a highly skilled hacker or government agent can still defeat an AI opponent given ample time.

That's why a hybrid approach is currently being implemented for many larger organizations. Combining the available human resources in data security with the always-on monitoring ability of an AI system, it's possible to amplify your vigilance many times over and improve overall performance of your defenses.

At the same time, while AI may be a major component in protecting cyber infrastructure for many businesses, it can be used just as effectively to attack those very same infrastructures. This is often without the same human oversight and care that would be taken otherwise.

Managing Enterprise Cyber Security with the Right Combination of Technology and Talent

Breaking into a machine is still difficult. Exploits and weaknesses must be uncovered and utilized by a skilled individual or team to override the layers of security often put in place by both the software manufacturer and the company for which it is installed. With an ever more vigilant AI system integrated into that process and machine learning making it possible for your security professionals to remain actively engaged 24 hours a day, it isn't easy to get into a heavily secured system.

Which is why the most common forms of hacking and cyber-attack often come in the form of social engineering. Social engineering is the manipulation of individuals within an organization to gain access to key systems. These intrusions are less attack than deception. They work because humans cannot be monitored by technology the same as a server or its connected devices.

That's why the right approach to cyber security needs to take all potential threats into account.

There is no one right way to stop an attack on your systems. There is a combination of different technologies - starting with a diligent security staff, a top of the line security system that monitors constantly for possible intrusion, and well-trained and educated staff that protects company data carefully.

The Future of AI in Enterprise Cyber Security

Artificial intelligence continues to advance and support cyber security staff in combating potential attacks and intrusions by bad actors. So too will the frequency of those attacks continue to increase.

So, it's more important than ever to have a clearly defined security process in place. This includes tools and resources that will allow you to protect the most basic information and resources your team has access to each day - especially passwords.

Learn more about how lean cyber security preparedness in a growing company can help to reduce your risk of theft or attack without limiting resources or productivity in your team.

Download our free Lean Security Checklist today to get started and start using a password manager with our 14-day free trial!

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