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How to choose the right password?

December 5, 20162 min read

When given the task of choosing passwords, people often take a moment to think about what they should use. After all, the password you choose will determine the vulnerability of your private information. So what goes into choosing a good password?

One mistake that people often make is they make their password short. Let's face it, people tend to seek efficiency (I don't want to say lazy!), and to remember their password, they might make their password short and easy. However, a strong password needs to be long to make it less vulnerable.

Another way to choose a good password is to use a combination of numbers and letters. The more complex your password is, the harder it will be for someone to access your account.

However, Edward Snowden (during an interview with John Oliver) suggests that people should make their passwords as unpredictable as possible. Snowden stated that even eight letter passwords are easily guessable by computers. So what does he suggest? Snowden recommends using random but memorable phrases such as "margaretthatcheris110%sexy."

Now, some people might ask: "How do we remember these long passwords?" Here, you might want to take a look at a password manager like TeamsID.

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Enhance your password security

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