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Are your passwords hacker-proof? A checklist to help you decide.

By now we all know that hacking is no joke. Your identity can be taken in a matter of seconds-- and with it, all your personal and financial information. A corporate cyber attack can be devastating but large corporations usually have their own security teams to help get their systems back online. Review this checklist to decide whether your passwords are strong enough to keep out hackers.

Guest Post: 10 Ways to Conquer Time Management

Businesses large or small have moving parts that have to synchronize in order for everything to work properly. Just like the gears of a watch, if something goes off track, the entire mechanism will stop ticking. No matter what your role in an organization, time management can help you keep everything moving smoothly. So here are ten quick tips for effectively managing your time.

Tom's Tales #2 The One Where Tom Trains Three Techs at Once

Tom2Meet Tom. Tom works at Acme Consulting, a 25-person company. As the senior "tech guy" at Acme, Tom wears a number of hats, including having responsibility for IT and security. Tom tries his best to protect his company, but he's got his share of problems (and his colleagues don't always help out), as we'll see in our ongoing series Tom's TaleIf finding qualified employees weren't hard enough, the ordeal of getting them up and going can be even more painful than being understaffed in the first place. Tom thought hiring three techs at once would streamline the training process-until they were all eagerly seated in front of him. He looked down at his to-do list and found himself wondering if it was too late to change his mind.

Q&A On Our Worst Password List

We always get lots of questions about our annual Worst Passwords List , so I thought I'd tackle some of these questions here. What exactly are these 25 Worst Passwords? How do you collect passwords?